Huawei: New Backup System Solves Legacy Problems
Midea's outdated IT infrastructure in some sites could no longer keep pace with company's growth, putting operational reliability at risk. The legacy data backup system could not backup at some production sites. Some sites were still using the x86 server’s local hard disks as the backup media, resulting in limited backup size. The existing backup system was inefficient.
Huawei: Smart Liaoyuan: The First Smart City in Northeast China
• Liaoyuan's demands for building a high-quality smart city, covering multiple sectors, including city management, emergency command, public security, and health care. • Unable to connect different functional sectors for lack of a unified information system; without IoT, city management is restricted to manual intervention.
Huawei: Longyan Smart Hospital: Secure, Efficient and Green
• Aiming to be the model hospital in Fujian province, Longyan People Hospital plans to build a "digital hospital" in its new building, providing mobile ward rounds, desktop cloud, and Hospital Information System (HIS) cloud, as well as service level disaster recovery with the old building • Need to migrate the existing applications, such as HIS, Laboratory Information System (LIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), and resident health system, to the new building to achieve desktop cloud
Huawei: Karamay: Building the Safest City
• The non-smart legacy surveillance platform lacks video processing capability, resulting in unclear images and low work efficiency • The existing information systems are isolated, making it difficult to centrally manage video surveillance products and achieve multi-platform interconnection and collaboration. As a result, intelligent analysis of massive data and effective data mining are impeded.
Huawei: Going Mobile: Business on the Go
Haier is building a mobile application platform where all mobile applications running on this platform must be designed with unified security, architecture, management, and platform support capabilities. This new platform also must incorporate Haier's IT applications with smart devices.
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