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Technology Category
  • Automation & Control - Automation & Process Control Systems
Applicable Industries
  • Equipment & Machinery
Applicable Functions
  • Maintenance
Use Cases
  • Building Automation & Control
The Challenge

Apple Valley Commons is a mixed-use office complex built in 1986 with 60,000 square feet and six floors. Current tenants are businesses ranging from dental clinics to law offices. Before installing 75F, employees and clients experienced daily disruption from extreme temperature imbalances in the building.

Despite outdoor temperatures consistently in the 80s and higher during Minnesota summers, occupants brought space heaters to their offices to keep warm. Electricity bills from 24/7 heat pump operation were so expensive, that the building owner printed out a sign in the lobby requesting tenants turn off thermostats at night.

Meanwhile, temperatures in the elevator room on the roof skyrocketed. When it grew hot enough — 130 to 140 degrees — elevator equipment shut down. The building owner had maintenance workers on-site three times a week to troubleshoot.

The building’s existing controls solution did not provide a front end for diagnostics or remote control. Building management sought a solution that could solve their temperature issues to improve occupant comfort while simultaneously lowering operational costs and increasing building visibility.

The Customer

Apple Valley Commons

About The Customer

Apple Valley Commons is conveniently positioned off Highway 18 and directly across from the Town of Apple Valley Civic Center. Located in the beautiful city of Apple Valley, this exciting retail plaza has over 54 tenants in over 424,000 square footage of shopping space. Apple Valley Commons boasts a Super Target, Ross, Starbucks, multiple restaurants, and more.

The Solution

75F began the installation by setting up heat pump control with 11 Central Control Units and 53 Smart Stats. Installers pulled the associated data into 75F Facilisight to better understand how the system was working. Next, 75F fabricated, programmed, and installed the 75F Grey Box, a central plant control panel with Tridium Niagara Framework.

In the overheating elevator room, 75F installed a HyperStat and a new actuator to better control the exhaust fan, which 75F discovered had not been working for years. The room now operates with a consistent 75-degree setpoint

Throughout the installation, 75F ran into numerous building system problems. Because the building layout changed since its original design in 1986, ducts crossed into different zones — leaving some tenants unable to access their own thermostats because they were mounted in a different business suite.

Operational Impact
  • [Cost Reduction - Maintenance]

    Saving significant maintenance costs.

  • [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]

    Office solves comfort challenges, saves 28% of total building energy use

Quantitative Benefit
  • Operators can easily check up on the building, zone, and equipment data and make changes from wherever there’s the Internet.

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