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Consumer Goods Company Secures Global Industrial Networks

 Consumer Goods Company Secures Global Industrial Networks - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

This company faced the challenge of securing the entirety of its operational technology (OT) environment — from its global security operations center (SOC) to its regional SOCs, all the way down to the factory floor level. The company sought a solution that would apply to its large and dispersed manufacturing operations comprising a dizzying array of OT assets. The solution needed to address the following concerns:

  1. Prevalence of incompatible security tools and legacy technology: The company had been relying on fairly traditional, IT-centric security tools that were not compatible with, and thus did not effectively secure, its OT environment
  2. Unmonitored remote access and misconfigurations: Operational complexity historically had led to the company being unable to effectively monitor and manage remote access to its OT environment.
  3. The patchwork of systems due to acquisitions: Like other large manufacturers, this company has grown in part by the acquisition of smaller companies, requiring it to manage multiple vendors and a range of approaches to IT and OT security
  4. Lack of OT anomaly detection capabilities: Operational disruptions are often difficult to detect until after they have already begun to impact production, which has a cascading effect on operations.
The Customer

Not disclosed

About The Customer

The consumer goods arm of a global conglomerate manufactures everything from dishwashers to jigsaws, and espresso machines to hedge trimmers. Its manufacturing sites are spread around the world; some have been in operation for decades, while others are relatively new.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation and demonstration process, The Claroty Platform was chosen and deployed across the company’s manufacturing operations comprising more than 75 factories in eight countries. Platform components utilized include:

  1. Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) for full-spectrum OT asset visibility, continuous security monitoring, and real-time risk insights with zero impact on operational processes and underlying devices.
  2. Secure Remote Access (SRA) to safeguard industrial from threats introduced via unmanaged and unmonitored access by remote users, including employees and third-party vendors.
  3. Enterprise Management Console (EMC) to simplify management overall, consolidating data from across The Claroty Platform and providing a unified view of assets, activities, and alerts across multiple sites. The platform also integrates seamlessly via EMC with IT security infrastructure.

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