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Making Quicker Deliveries With 55% Faster Smartphone Scanning

 Making Quicker Deliveries With 55% Faster Smartphone Scanning - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Sensors - Barcode Readers
Applicable Functions
  • Business Operation
  • System Integration
The Challenge

Improve performance by minimizing delivery errors

La Poste’s mail and parcel carriers relied on low-end smartphones using an Android application, integrated with open-source barcode scanning software for proof of delivery, track and trace, and other workflows. Scanning speed and precision is essential to help drivers complete their routes efficiently, and any scanning errors can lead to mail or parcels mistakenly delivered to the wrong address, costing La Poste time, money, and reputation. 

La Poste wanted to compare the performance of smartphones using open source scanning against those using proprietary software across a wide variety of devices, under a range of challenging real‑world conditions.

The Customer

La Poste

About The Customer

La Poste is a postal service company in France, operating in Metropolitan France, the five French overseas departments and regions, and the overseas collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Under a bilateral agreement, La Poste also has responsibility for mail services in Monaco through La Poste Monaco and in Andorra alongside the Spanish company Correos.

The Solution

Replace open-source barcode scanning with superfast smartphone scanning

A trial was conducted by La Poste, equipping a number of mail carriers with a version of the application integrated with the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. “We were seeing high error rates with the open-source scanning software, so we decided to investigate if integrating a proprietary scanning solution from Scandit into our employee app could boost performance and reduce mistakes. We quickly determined it could,” said Pierre.

During La Poste’s extensive trial, Scandit outperformed the open-source alternative across all the Android models tested. Carriers who used the Scandit-powered app confirmed that deliveries were faster as:

  1. The performance was better than other proprietary software options tested.
  2. The scanning was fast and reliable, generating zero incorrect scans.
  3. It worked even in low light, glare, at awkward angles, and on damaged barcodes.
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Issue Response]

    Replacing open source scanning with Scandit’s solution resulted in zero errors.

  • [Cost Reduction - Overall]

    Scanning accuracy saved costs associated with misdelivered mail

Quantitative Benefit
  • Employee app on over 90,000 smartphones are powered by Scandit.

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