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Micron's Automation Solution Enables Same-Day Data Warehouse Service

 Micron's Automation Solution Enables Same-Day Data Warehouse Service - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Functional Applications - Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
Applicable Industries
  • Cement
Applicable Functions
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
Use Cases
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Picking, Sorting & Positioning
  • Data Science Services
The Challenge
Micron struggled to prepare and extract manufacturing big data from 12 separate sites in quickly enough time to produce meaningful, timely, and company-wide business intelligence. Many sites were self-serving and trying to access OLTP data directly, resulting in redundant processes, resource inefficiency, and data integration and performance issues. The data warehousing and analytics solutions developed were not able to keep up with the needs of the business.
The Customer

Micron Technology

About The Customer
Micron Technology is a company that designs and builds advanced memory and semiconductor technologies. They hold more than 20,000 patents and offer a broad portfolio of memory solutions. They were facing challenges in extracting and preparing manufacturing big data from multiple sites to generate meaningful business intelligence.
The Solution
Micron used WhereScape® automation to design and build an enterprise Data Vault utilizing Data Vault 2.0 methodology on Teradata. With automation built specifically to leverage the native capabilities of Teradata, Micron implemented the foundation for its new enterprise data vault within 90 days. They also developed the ability to produce a new prototype within an hour for evaluation before moving a solution into production.
Quantitative Benefit
  • The implementation of the global enterprise data warehouse and the ability to deliver new prototypes within an hour improved the efficiency and effectiveness of data processing at Micron. However, specific quantitative benefits such as cost savings or productivity improvements were not mentioned in the case study.

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