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Testing Cisco ASR 5000

 Testing Cisco ASR 5000 - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

The Cisco ASR 5000 Series addresses the high-performance requirements that the next generation of mobile Internet brings. The ASR contains real-time integrated, session-state intelligence enabling it to effectively manage IP-based flows on a per session basis.

The challenge Cisco faced was how to efficiently test the stateful reliability of the ASR’s enhanced charging service function, which is part of the packet data network gateway (PGW), at a highly scaled level of network traffic load.

The Customer


About The Customer

Cisco Systems, an American technology company, operating worldwide, is best known for its computer networking products.

The Solution

Cisco uses TeraVM to test the reliability of the enhanced charging service function of the ASR 5000 Series. TeraVM enables Cisco to emulate flows on a granular basis; on a unique subscriber UE and application flow basis. This is critical to proving that the ASR is identifying each subscriber flow correctly. In addition, TeraVM enables the stateful emulation of multiple application types.

Cisco conducted their tests using Cisco UCS hardware and without the need for any proprietary test hardware. TeraVM as a virtualized solution ensures Cisco can continue to meet their test needs for the ASR 5000 Series well into the future.

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