Eurotech: Vending Machine Secure Real-time Data Using Everyware Cloud
As vending machine technology has evolved, it has become more challenging, less reliable and costly to connect phone lines to vending machines and collect data via a modem. Manual equipment maintenance is very costly, slow and labor intensive.
Eurotech: Transport of the Future at Heathrow
Ultra Global was developing a ULTra Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system for Heathrow airport. A single board embedded computer which can provide the performance, reliability and scalability to handle PRT system's communication and security requirements is needed.
Eurotech: VIPER Aid to Acoustic Positioning
Applied Acoustics Easytrak Portable acoustic navigation system can undertake a wide range of tracking and positioning tasks for seabed mapping, towfish tracking and controlling robotic vehicles. It is also used to locate subsea divers, so is critical to the safety of personnel. To deal with difficult operating environment, a robust single board computer is required.
Eurotech: The Power of Balancing Technology
Accurate balancing of the turbochargers used in cars and commercial vehicles is vital to ensure engine efficiency and longevity and it is carried out in both the manufacturing and remanufacturing of these units. If not measured and corrected through the balancing process, turbochargers will be noisy and in severe cases bearing failure can occur.
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