PTC: Reducing Unscheduled Downtime and Customer Efficiency
Leica Microsystems attributes its success to providing innovative products and superior customer service. To extend its leadership position, the company began exploring a more proactive service approach for its line of confocal microscopes and tissue processors. The Leica Microsystems project team began searching for a global software that would allow for the shift from a reactive to proactive service company. Their initiative focused on downtime avoidance and the prediction of potential problems across the globe, targeting issue prevention. As a result, customers would not only benefit from minimal product downtime, but from faster service and increased productivity. To obtain approval and funding for the initiative, the team would need to prove to management that this service strategy shift would result in optimized instrument uptime and reduced costs of service.
PTC: Preserving Security and Operator Safety
To improve customer satisfaction by minimizing downtime of automated optical inspection machines while preserving security and safety.
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