WIN-911: ALERT System Assists Air Liquide's SCADA System FabView
For many industrial operations involving the distribution of gas in, say, a manufacturing plant, there are numerous risks involved such as leaks. Like most operations of its type, such facilities can ill afford much downtime.
WIN-911: For out of this World Protection, NASA Relies on WIN-911
The Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility at Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio is the world's largest space simulation chamber measuring 100 feet in diameter and rocketing more than six stories tall.The facility conducts tests within the vacuum chamber after the necessary electrical power, fuel, oxidizer, and purge gas connections are made. To recreate the conditions of outer space while still on earth, the test facilities rely on vacuum pumps and cryogenic systems which can simulate deep space temperatures down to -423°F. Protecting the scientists and engineers is critical to moving space missions forward safely.
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