ThingWorx: Reducing the Rate of Readmissions
The client had limited or inefficient integration of its data sources, which made it difficult to see patients through a longitudinal lens. The client was, however, uniquely positioned to leverage the expansive patient data contained within its network of care, and set out to do so in 2012. Specifically, they wanted to improve the outcomes of patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) through improved care management with goals of reducing readmission rates, better managing patient cholesterol levels, and better managing patient blood pressure. Specifically, the regional healthcare provider was interested in implementing a machine learning platform, that quickly automates complex analytical processes and integrates powerful information into existing applications and portals.
ThingWorx: Quantifying the ROI with PTC
Organizations today are under tremendous pressure from management and customers to deliver a higher quality of products and services at lower costs, and to do so using existing resources. Any expenditure companies do make to help them achieve this goal is expected to deliver a measurable, hard-dollar ROI—and to deliver it quickly. For product manufacturers in particular, ROI has traditionally translated to “reduce costs.” However, cost is just one piece of the ROI equation.  Today’s market leaders understand that ROI is multi- dimensional and that, in many cases, the cost-savings component can be secondary to other returns such as improving customer satisfaction, brand differentiation, and the collection of accurate data, all of which can also drive increased revenues. 
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