National Instruments: Improving Asset Health Information
Unexpected downtime costs industries billions of dollars each year, and the challenges of aging assets combined with many experienced professionals at or near retirement age have companies looking at the promises of IoT technology for answers.
National Instruments: Time Sensitive Networking
For industrial applications such as process and machine control to run smoothly, there is a need to ensure that there is low communication latency and minimal jitter in order to meet closed loop control requirements.
National Instruments: IIC Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Testbed
The current state of condition monitoring requires manual measurements that are compounded with aging equipment and the retirement of knowledgeable personnel.
National Instruments: Hyundai Wearable Robotics for Walking Assistance
The Central Advanced Research and Engineering Institute at Hyundai Motor Company develops future mobility technologies. Rather than provide conventional vehicle products to customers, this research center creates new mobility devices with a wide range of speeds for a variety of people, including the elderly and the disabled. As our society ages, there is a greater need for systems that can aid mobility. Thus, we are developing wearable exoskeleton robots with NI embedded controllers for the elderly and patients with spinal cord injuries to use.Key ChallengeDeveloping a system that can handle complex control algorithms to capture data remotely from various sensors simultaneously and perform real-time control of multiple actuators for a wearable robotics device for walking assistance.
National Instruments: Controlling and Monitoring Microgrids
Microgrid topologies offer several advantages over large traditional grids including increased resiliency and easier integration of distributed renewables. However, some challenges such as maintaining scalability and interoperability between diffferent vendors and connectivity protocol standards are challenges that have to be overcome in order to reap the benefits of such a system.
National Instruments: National Instruments selected Attivio Platform for Superior Search Functionality
National Instruments was concerned about the future state of its enterprise search solution. Microsoft’s FAST ESP was no longer offered as a stand-alone product and it was marked for end-of-life, effective July 2013.
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