ABB: Robot Saves Money and Time for US Custom Molding Company
Injection Technology (Itech) is a custom molder for a variety of clients that require precision plastic parts for such products as electric meter covers, dental appliance cases and spools. With 95 employees operating 23 molding machines in a 30,000 square foot plant, Itech wanted to reduce man hours and increase efficiency.
ABB: Inauguration of ABB’s 315kW solar rooftop power plant
With the newly launched ABB Al-Quoz Solar Power Station, there is a need for the plant to be energy-efficient in order to ensure the benefits of renewable technologies, their seamless integration into the existing electrical grid and reinforce Dubai's position as a world-class smart city.
ABB: ABB Brazil Saved 30% on Testing Time Thanks to Panaya Test Center
The stakes are high for ABB Brazil, an organization with five business divisions. Brazil has one of the most complicated tax systems in the world and SAP system errors can cause big losses for the company. Each release of new functionality is very risky, hence ABB Brazil faces huge testing challenges.Complex business scenarios with little or no documentation available.Several system changes (new functionalities, improvements, and bug fixing) being released every week which requires a huge effort to execute regression tests.The major challenge during the UAT is to keep track of all activities, spread across multiple areas/ locations and keep everything under control.
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