Intel: A Smarter Brain for Your Train…
Have you ever felt overloaded by too much sensory input? The results can be problematic, even risky if you’re driving at the time. The same holds true for trains, ships, oil rigs, and many other industrial assets. The data processing challenges on these complex machines are growing rapidly as the number of sensors increases; yet so are the opportunities to transform operations by using all the available data effectively. A modern locomotive, for example, has as many as 200 sensors generating more than a billion data points per second.
Intel: Transcode Creates a Vehicle Fleet Management solution with Intel IoT Gateway
Problem: Inefficient vehicle fleet management hinders business efficiency, employee productivity, and revenue growth opportunities. - Difficult to manage fleet operations, particularly in tracking their daily activities- Challenge for business owners to monitor their drivers’ behavior and daily productivity. Business owners need to ensure that their drivers are following business rules and policies. 
Intel: Connected Transportation: A Smarter Brain for Your Train with Intel
A modern locomotive, for example, has as many as 200 sensors generating more than a billion data points per second. Vibration sensors surround critical components, video cameras scan the track and cab, while other sensors monitor RPM, power, temperature, the fuel mix, exhaust characteristics, and more.Most of today’s locomotives lack sufficient on-board processing power to make full use of all this data. To make matters worse, the data from different subsystems, such as the brakes, fuel system, and engine, remain separate, stored in isolated “boxes” that prevent unified analysis. The data is available, but the technology needed to process it in the most effective manner is not. As new sensors are added to the machine, the problem escalates.
Intel: Adding Intelligence to Airport Transfers
Maintain Momentum Airports need to keep billions of passengers moving every year, while aligning with strict security protocols. Improve Control Airport buses need careful and constant logistical management, with dispatchers tracking operational, capacity and geographic data for each bus. Enhance the JourneyPassengers appreciate being well informed about where to go next, so easily accessible and available details enrich their traveling comfort. 
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