Intel: Building Smart IoT-Connected Railways
• Difficult environment. Communications equipment on trains must function properly in harsh conditions, such as environment temperatures ranging from -25°C to +85°C, according to the EU standard EN50155.• Railway regulations. All products in a train must adhere to strict standards, relating to working vibration, power consumption, and lifetime.• Lengthy process. Time to market in the railway industry can take years from concept to mass production, so product design requires a solid long term vision.
Intel: Parts Quality Gets Robotic Boost
When manufacturers, such as the world's top car makers and automotive parts suppliers, produce components in their factories, traditional QA testing has been limited to verifying the quality of random parts pulled off the line throughout the day.It was time consuming to perform the detailed tests required, and defective parts could get through despite randomized tests.If a defective part caused a recall or accident, manufacturers could face costly litigation or irreparable damage to their reputation.
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