WIBU-SYSTEMS: CAD/CAM Dental Solutions from Sirona
To protect intellectual property, prevent reverse engineering and avoid manipulation of appliances. To design customized appliances with low entry-level prices from software modules and license models. Precautions to prevent reverse engineering of .NET software include secure and high-performance protection methods. Medical appliances must be safeguarded from manipulation to comply with the directives of the MPG (the regulation body for medical appliances).
WIBU-SYSTEMS: Migrating to Software-Only Licenses for More Responsive License Management
The world’s premier shipping companies work with the software solutions of ABB Marine & Ports to get their vessels safely and efficiently to their destinations. A loyal customer of Wibu-Systems for over a decade, ABB has been relying on CodeMeter dongles to store the license keys for their ABB AbilityTM Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS.The current version of the system is using Wibu-Systems’ robust metal-case CmStick ME, a perfect choice for the rugged conditions at sea. As satellite communications has made fast Internet connections at sea a common reality for maritime operators, the company is looking to move from physical to software solutions to streamline its logistics processes.
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