PINpoint Information Systems Inc.: Maximizing Error-proofing in Manufacturing with MES/MOM Controlled Assembly Tools
This document summarizes the error-proofing solution a leading heavy machinery manufacturer implemented and standardized on in order to greatly reduce product defects due to improperly fastened bolts in transmission systems. Electric assembly tools called nutrunners are used by assembly line workers to fasten bolts to a predetermined torque measurement. Their decision to implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) or manufacturing operations management (MOM) software to both ‘monitor’ and ‘control’ all aspects of the assembly tools and line worker processes yielded unprecedented results by reducing bolted joint failures and Warranty claims by 94%.
PINpoint Information Systems Inc.: New Supercar Engine Assembly Perfected by Manufacturing Execution System
This document summarizes the manufacturing execution system (MES), or manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution implemented by a leading Automotive manufacturer to manage the complex assembly of the engine for their new Supercar. The MES/MOM was integral to ensure each and every single of the nearly two-thousand (2,000) process steps involved to build the engine were completed to the set specifications or tolerances without fail. MES/MOM ensured zero-defects during the assembly of the engines since it monitored and controlled all operations; all tools and devices, and the line workers themselves since the MES/MOM directed them from job start to end. The MES/MOM verified worker credentials, provided work instructions, and confirmed that the materials and tools were properly selected for the exact task at hand. Destined for the Automotive manufacturer’s highest-performance GT sports car (see Figure 1), the twin-turbo charged V6 “EcoBoost” engine is vital to the success of the final product. Given the intricacy of the engine and the number of steps needed to assemble it, and its high tolerances, the MES/MOM proved indispensable.
PINpoint Information Systems Inc.: Maximize Fastening Tool Effectiveness and Save Money with Manufacturing Execution System Control
Given the vast array of manufacturing fastening tools and assembly line device products available on the market, it can become overwhelming to identify which products you should purchase; as recommended by consultants or the tool suppliers themselves. Is it worth spending ‘extra money’ because of claims of added features and benefits? The question is, what is it you really-need to accomplish the task? What if you could purchase the most basic or cost-effective tool ‘needed’ for the job, with saved money in hand to put towards the over-all manufacturing execution system (MES) solution you really need? This is proven to be so, and fastening tool processes are a prime target application for manufacturers to improve their existing manufacturing operations (upgrade), or for new project specification; please consider the following.
PINpoint Information Systems Inc.: How Touchscreens Can Motivate Assembly Line Workers to Do Quality Work
When UTC Aerospace required a solution to manage assembly line workers with no previous manufacturing experience, it decided to try something new that set a precedent for its future manufacturing operations management (MOM) strategy.
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