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Automatic Vision Inspection Solution for Product Traceability

With greater market demand for food safety, traceability is receiving increasingly more attention in the food and beverage industry as well as the packaging industry. 

One of the world's leading providers of beverage containers required a system to identify bar codes and alphanumeric characters on ink-jet-printed labels at a run rate of 7 units and minimum 99.9% accuracy. Since there were few engineers in the factory, the customer sought to implement a reliable system with an easy-to-use GUI for workers with a less technical background.

  • Advantech
    Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, and global logistics support; all backed by industry-leading front and back office e-business solutions.
  • Chemicals
  • Maintenance
  • Advantech provided a PC-based automated optical identification system with multiple cameras to identify bar codes, data codes, and characters on beverage containers.

    The system included an AIIS-3400P 4-channel PoE compact vision system with an Intel® 6th / 7th generation Core i CPU;Inspector Express, a GUI machine vision application specifically designed for easy design and deployment of automated inspection on the factory floor; and QCAM-GM0640 0.3-MP industrial cameras with PoE for simple installation and maintenance.

  • Supply Chain Optimization, Traceable Parts
  • Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
    Advantech Inspector Express facilitates building and deploying machine vision applications without any programming skills. It supports a wide range of Advantech industrial PCs, smart cameras, and embedded systems, and can be deployed on different hardware platforms without modification.
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    Impact #3
  • Supply Chain Visibility
    Supply chain visibility solutions provide visibility into the movement of raw materials, components, and finished goods from suppliers to manufacturers to the final buyer. Solutions are typically built on a centralized cloud-based platform that integrates data from multiple systems, including those those of partners. Technologies such as smart sensors, RFID, and digital ledger protocols can enable additional functionality. For example, digital ledger technology can keep logs of all transactions occurring on the network in a secure way, while providing supply chain partners with access to specific data. Visibility solutions can enhance the efficiency and transparency of supply chains, record the quantity and transfer of products as they change hands between supply chain nodes, track change orders and buy orders, process shipment notifications, manage trade documents and receipts, link physical products to bar codes, and share information about processing or manufacturing processes with suppliers, logistics providers, and customers.
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