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Devicify – State-of-the-Art Internet of Things Business Transformation

Devicify required a means to quickly build "connected IoT apps” without building a connected applications platform themselves, an expensive and time consuming option.

There is a need for Devicify's Connected Products Management (CPM) product to create agile development environments for both technical and business users within a given company. Johnson notes that speeding up the software development process is critical, but the larger value is in combining this with agility in adapting processes that support new business services. Johnson suggests that the resulting new strategic differentiators are what will drive business transformation within the IoT space.

Business users and customers stand to gain tremendously from the effective use of Devicify CPM because the technical users are able to easily and quickly develop the software needed to create full end to end solutions. Devicify specifically engaged with ThingWorx so that these technical users could easily connect the edge devices and end points established by the connected products themselves to the business processes and applications they fed into to create the innovative business services that ultimately serve as strategic business differentiators.

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    The ThingWorx IoT Technology Platform. One Platform. Limitless Possibilities. ThingWorx is the only enterprise-ready technology platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. Build Fast Connectivity and development tools made for IoT enable developers to quickly create, test and deploy solutions faster than ever thought possible. Build Smart Integrated capabilities of the platform enable developers to create more feature-rich solutions in a fraction of the time of other platforms. Build for Enterprises Developers quickly and easily create IoT solutions that are scalable, secure, and meet the needs of the largest of enterprises.
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  • In October 2014, Devicify founder and CEO Scott Johnson formally announced the introduction of Devicify, as well as what Johnson considers a new enterprise software category that he calls “Connected Products Management” (CPM). CPM is a specific and holistic "methodology" for effectively developing, managing, and monetizing connected device-based projects and businesses. A central piece of Devicify CPM that allowed Devicify to finalize the creation of the platform rests with ThingWorx’s unique, connected product and IoT business application enablement platform and dashboard/mashup capabilities
  • The Devicify Connected Products Management platform is now fully integrated with the ThingWorx platform, allowing customers full access to the ThingWorx application builder through CPM, which allows them to then extend their product and business services design frameworks.. This in turn provides Devicify's customers with the ability to fully expand their vertical markets business domain expertise to create both their initial IoT services and subsequent extensions and new capabilities. This sounds very easy to do at a high level, Johnson notes, but there is a great deal of underlying complexity ThingWorx has mastered to make it easy. This is critical to allowing the key Devicify CPM stakeholders (business, technical, and customer) to interact.

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  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
    Devicify avoided prolonged and costly in-house development to rapidly launch its Connected Products Management platform
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  • Benefit #1
    Devicify saved 18 months of very expensive development time
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