Engaging Fans at one of the Largest Stadiums in the USA

Engaging and delighting fans has become the number one priority. However, the identity and behavior of fans within the stadium have been impossible to detect until Sirqul. Furthermore, standalone mobile apps historically have only seen a 5-30% penetration rate, thus leaving venues with poor data, insights and little interaction with the fan itself.

This large stadium was looking for a set of recommendations to improve the fan experience, increase revenue and optimize operational efficiency based on this never seen before data.  


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  • One of the largest stadiums in the US

  • Smart devices were deployed in less than a day and connected to the Sirqul dashboard for real-time analysis, reporting, triggers, and visualization. The Sirqul Smart Stadium solution successfully tracked the customer journey from the time the ticket was torn for over 72,000 fans.

    Use Cases identified:

    1. Mapping of fans to the ticket torn
    2. Dwell time at gates with entrance/exits used
    3. Micro discovery on most active areas within the VIP sections, kids experience, and 3rd party sponsorship activation areas 
    4. Customer journey of season ticket holders
    5. Tour optimization of timing and flow
    6. Staff and security placement
    7. New vs. Repeat fans
    8. Team store traffic by product interest vs. conversion
    9. Food, beverage and restroom wait times
    10. Biometric identity, payment processing for purchases, and age verification for alcohol
    1. Passively captured and tracked 98% of all fans and their customer journey
    2. Delivered new vs. returning to each game, concert, and event
    3. Captured visits to each designated area with dwell time
    4. Determined conversion and abandonment rates associated with team store, concessions and kiosks
    5. Revealed customer journeys by ticket type, points of interest visited, time of day, and which gate they entered. 
    6. Quantified win vs. loss impact on dwell time, exit time, and areas of interest
  • Impact #1

    The Smart Stadium Solution analysis that Sirqul completed revealed that there are minor changes that can be made to signage, changes to the placement of staff at key locations at specific times, and other simple things that could be accomplished, measured, and tuned to significantly increase fan delight and drive more revenue at each event. Sirqul believes that by reducing the length of lines, more commerce and purchases will be made. If lines are long, there is abandonment and a reluctance to leave one’s seat for fear of missing time watching the game and socializing with other fans. We saw clear ways to reduce line capacity.

    Impact #2

    Stadiums can start to identify Season ticket holders and VIPs within their venue. Knowing a ticket holder's behavior and identity helps to further the fan experience and create a connected loyalty program. The Smart Stadium Solution allows Sirqul to provide venues with information related to any mobile device that has appeared in the past to see if there are any changes in behavior per visit. The effectiveness of a marketing promotion, staff placement, food sales, and the concept of variable pricing for advertisements and sponsorships can all be associated with the results from our analysis. The key to increasing revenue generated per event is understanding identity, location, and intent.

    Impact #3

    Food & beverage concessions and retail merchants are now connected and can deliver value to where the fan is located by offering in-seat delivery or for pick-up at a designated location.

  • Benefit #1

    Improved navigation and traffic flow by instructing digital signage to convey different information based upon nearby population densities, allowing for a better fan experience at ingress/egress and throughout the venue

    Benefit #2

    Create new revenue streams and effectively measure the value of high-profile sports sponsorships with VIP experiences and advertising

    Benefit #3

    Increase F&B and merchandise sales with location data to offer in-seat delivery and in-store pick-up alternatives. Additionally, pinpoint locations and timing for additional kiosk locations.

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