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Protection and Licensing in Chemical Analytics

For the launch of its new OMNIS product line, a titration platform for chemical laboratories, Swiss Metrohm AG required a protection system to safeguard the know-how invested in its software and a flexible licensing system that would allow for the creation of customized software licensing models for its laboratory instruments. One specific requirement posed by the company was the necessity to integrate the licensing and entitlement solution seamlessly with the company’s existing back office systems.

    WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, a privately held company founded by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit in 1989, is an innovative security technology leader in the global software licensing market. In its mission to offer the most secure, unique, and highly versatile technology, Wibu-Systems has developed CodeMeter, a comprehensive, award-winning suite of hardware and software-based solutions for computers, embedded systems, mobile devices, PLCs, and microcontrollers that incorporates internationally patented processes dedicated to protecting the integrity of digital assets. Through its motto “Perfection in Protection, Licensing and Security”, Wibu-Systems safeguards the intellectual property of software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers against illicit and fraudulent use, reverse engineering and tampering attacks, sabotage and espionage actions, while generating new digital business models fully integrated with ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms.
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  • Metrohm AG is one of the world’s leading makers of high-precision chemical analysis instruments. With subsidiaries and sales partners in more than 120 countries worldwide, Metrohm develops solutions for the ion analysis field and has established itself as the global market leader for titration analyzers. In addition to its original operations in Herisau, Switzerland, the Metrohm group also includes Metrohm Applikon and Metrohm Autolab, makers of online analytical devices and instruments for electrochemical research. Instruments for NIR and handheld Raman spectroscopy have completed the Metrohm portfolio since 2013 and 2016, respectively.

  • CodeMeter, the flagship technology from Wibu-Systems, allows Metrohm to protect its software application both on PCs and the embedded operating systems running in its analytical devices and to equip them with the same licensing technology. CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition, Wibu-Systems’ server solution for generating and delivering licenses, helps create, manage, and track license activations on both types of systems.

    By opting to integrate CodeMeter into its OMNIS platform, not only has Metrohm introduced strong protections for its know-how against counterfeiting and reverse engineering, but they can also use the versatile interfaces of CodeMeter License Central to set up a comprehensive portal, activate and track licenses, and monitor license use and activation in the field.

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  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Asset Monitoring]
    Monitor license use and activation in the field.
    Impact #2
    [Data Management - Cyber Security]
    Strong protections for its know-how against counterfeiting and reverse engineering. Stops would-be IP thieves from stealing invaluable branded designs and counterfeiters from replicating the textile machines’ inner workings themselves.
    Impact #3
  • Cybersecurity
    Cybersecurity refers to the protection practice for the hardware, software, and data from being destroyed, altered or leaked by accidental or malicious reasons to ensure the system runs continuously and the network service is not interrupted. An effective cybersecurity methodology has multiple levels of protection spread across the computers, networks, programs, and data that one intends to remain secure. For an effective defense from cyber-attacks, the people, processes, and technology in any organization should complement one another.The cybersecurity can be divided into physical security and logical security. Physical safety refers to the physical protection of system equipment and related facilities from damage and loss. Logical security includes integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information.
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