Transcode Creates a Vehicle Fleet Management solution with Intel IoT Gateway

Problem: Inefficient vehicle fleet management hinders business efficiency, employee productivity, and revenue growth opportunities

Companies involved in managing huge fleets of vehicles continue to struggle in terms of efficiently managing fleet operations. On one hand, it has become increasingly difficult to manage and monitor an entire fleet of say, 500 vehicles, particularly in tracking their daily activities. Imagine how challenging it can be to track all of these vehicles on a daily basis – where they are located at a particular time, how fast they are moving, if they are following the workflow, etc. Business owners definitely want to be on top of monitoring their assets and ensuring that their entire fleet continues to perform based on their expectations to be able to generate better revenue.

On the other, it has become a challenge as well for business owners to monitor their drivers’ behavior and daily productivity. Most, if not some, of these employees would just follow what they want – changing routes on a whim, driving too fast that puts their passengers or deliveries at risk, or stopping too long at a location that limits their productivity. Business owners need to ensure that their drivers are following business rules and policies because at the end

of the day, they are themselves employees who should be governed by rules and regulations that are implemented by the company. Without a means to track their daily behavior, business owners would not be able to address productivity issues that affect in maximizing their daily revenue.

Based on these challenges, Transcode developed an end-to-end solution that not only helps solve vehicle fleet management problems but can also ultimately serve as

a blueprint for smart city transportation. The solution harnesses an IoT gateway based on Intel architecture to provide efficient data mining, intelligent navigation, and end-to-end communication between the entire fleet and

the company’s back-office system or fleet management center. Through this gateway, business owners can efficiently monitor and manage their vehicle fleet on a daily basis.


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  • Transcode Does Smart Transportation with Intel® IoT Gateway

    Solution: Intelligent transportation solution inside, smart fleet management outside

    Transcode’s smart transportation solution leverages an intelligent IoT Gateway based on the Intel® AtomTM processor E3825 the ARK-2121V from Advantech to create a robus and reliable data gateway platform that effectively transmits real-time data to the back-office system. When equipped with this gateway, each vehicle can efficiently provide data of its location, status, and other pertinent information. Data that is transmitted through the gateway can then be used by business owners to effectively track and manage their entire fleet.

    Through this gateway, business owners will also be able to monitor employee behavior by creating a structured system that efficiently oversees drivers’ daily workflow. The gateway serves as a real-time communication portal that monitors drivers’ shift schedules, performance, and location assignments. The gateway also serves as a means of communication between the drivers and the back-office system during road emergencies and other traffic-related concerns.

  • Impact #1

    Result: Transformed vehicle fleet management for optimized business operations

    Transcode’s intelligent transportation solution that runs on Intel architecture-based IoT gateway provide businesses in the transportation and logistics industries operational excellence, improved service delivery and productivity, maximized revenue opportunities.

    As the solution’s communication gateway provides real-time data feeding to the cloud and statistical analysis, the back- office system can easily utilize data analytics to monitor vehicle location and availability status, as well as deliver efficient service scheduling. Public transport drivers, in particular, can also utilize the solution to send their preferred locations without having to endure the horrendous city traffic that causes them to waste time on finding shift spots. The solution can also help businesses involved in public transportation monitor passenger demand patterns, as well as gather real- time revenue performance and total customer experience.

    Impact #2

    Using data analytics from the information collected by the gateway also enables the back-office system to monitor drivers’ behavior to ensure they comply with daily workflow and arrive on location assignments on time. This is particularly helpful for those managing a fleet of public transport vehicles, as this eliminates the problem of drivers who wander around and select passengers wherever and whenever they want. The solution allows business owners to create a structured system that oversees drivers’ behavior as well as helps them achieve better productivity at work.

  • Benefit #1

    This demand has translated to a high fleet utilization rate of up to 90%, which has allowed taxi drivers to generate revenue of almost twice1 to what conventional taxi services earn.

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