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Using Insight-driven IoT Services

There are 5 million in ground swimming pools in the US, with 1.5 million in California alone. These pool owners waste $30-90 per month on electricity running their pool pumps for too long and at times when utility rates are high. The PoolEnergy team has been working with SDG&E, the CPUC, EPA, and DOE to oer an intelligent energy management system for pool owners. This system is a combination of energy eciency and demand response services saving property owners money and creates a sustainable smart grid resource in energy emergencies.

  • ThingLogix
    ThingLogix propels the modern business with the Internet of Things by combining insight-driven IoT services and the power of the cloud - creating new business value and accelerating time-to-market.
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  • Maintenance
  • PoolEnergy LLC is the management company providing IoT resources for residential pool environments providing intelligent energy efficiency. PoolResponse is the marketing service brand of PoolEnergy.
  • PoolEnergy is focused on revolutionizing the residential swimming pool industry by reducing energy costs and providing an automated monitoring system for the certified pool dealer and the consumer. They created “PoolResponse,” a service using an Internet-connected controller that can be attached to any pool pump. The controller is remotely monitored and controlled using custom algorithms related to weather, temperature, pool size, utility rates, and other variables. The system is designed to maximize the pump’s eciency, all while keeping a clean and healthy pool. Pool owners and certified PoolResponse dealers both get access to a custom dashboard to see in real time what’s happening with every connected pump.

    ThingLogix provides insight-driven IoT services for the PoolResponse system to get their product up and running. Using our proprietary frameworks, we built a portal and platform service for PoolEnergy customers on top of AWS using pump “load” (energy reading) in real-time that’s scalable to millions. Certified Dealers can now oer a better service and consumers can bring their properties online to save money directly - not through a rebate.
  • Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
    Usage is mapped against hours of the day when energy is less expensive.
    Impact #2
    [Cost Reduction - Energy]
    The solutions from ThingLogix helped PoolEnergy to reduce significant energy cost.
    Impact #3
    [Process Optimization - Remote Control]
    The solution enables remote control for the pool pump.
  • Building Energy Management
    Building energy management systems (BEMS) provide real-time remote monitoring and integrated control of a wide range of connected systems, allowing modes of operation, energy use, and environmental conditions to be monitored and modified based on hours of operation, occupancy, or other variables to optimise efficiency and comfort. Building energy management systems can also trigger alarms, in some cases predicting problems and informing maintenance programmes. They maintain records of historical performance to enable benchmarking of performance against other buildings or across time and may help automate report writing. BEMS are often integrated with building automation and control (BAC) systems, which have a broaded scope of operations.
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