The 25th Annual ARC Industry Forum

ARC Advisory Group

The future is already here. Discover strategies and stories from the digital front lines at the 25th Annual ARC Industry Forum.
Propelled by recent global health and economic crises, industrial innovation is accelerating. Leading companies had progressed along their digital transformation journey and were able to quickly adapt to the changed business reality. They supported numbers of remote connected workers far earlier than expected, and leveraged wearables and other tech to support the remaining frontline workers in the plant. With what they have learned, they are now re-thinking how to manage operations using shared data, analytics, distributed work, and digital twins. The industry has passed a tipping point, having seen the power of disruptive technologies to transform business operations and competitive strategies, improve resilience, reduce costs, and better serve customers. It's full speed ahead.

  • 2021-02-08
    Virtual event
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