[NDRC Policy] Intepretation of the Technical Standards and Technological Innovation Plan under the 13th Five-Year Plan

To accelerate the strategic implementation of strengthening technology standards and technological innovation for industrial upgrading and coordinated development, the Ministry of Science, Administration of Quality Supervision and National Standards Commission jointly issued the Technical Standards and Technological Innovation Plan under the 13th Five-Year Plan. (thereafter referred to as the Innovation Plan)


1) Background


Today, technological and industrial developments are accelerating globally and cross-industry integrated developments are becoming more and more apparent. New business models and formats are emerging, Products are updated at an accelerating pace, and time-to-market for new technical innovations is becoming shorter. At the same time, the development of technical standards is gradually becomes integral to all aspects of science and technology activities, developing at the same or an even faster pace compared to technical innovations. Given this new phenomenon, countries around the world are setting up national roadmaps to integrate technical standards as part of the national technology development strategy. In China, the central government proposed a innovation-driven developmental strategy based on coordination, environmental friendliness, openness, and sharing in order to strengthen the relationship between technology and the economy, and promote supply-side structural reforms. This puts greater emphasis on the innovativeness, supply, and quality of technology standards developed.


For this, the Ministry of Science, Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission jointly prepared the Technical Standards and Technological Innovation Plan under the 13th Five-Year Plan to assist in implementing the National Innovation-driven Development Strategy, the National Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan ( 2006-2020), the Program to Deepen Reform of Technical Working Standards, the National Science and Technology Innovation Plan under the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Program to Deepen Reform for Science and Technology System, and the National Plan for Technical Standards Development System (2016-2020). The Innovation Plan lays the strategic and policy planning with the strategy of implemention of the technical standard as its main focus, with efforts to promote collaborative innovation to stimulate innovation and vitality of the technical standards industry, foster international standards for China to gain a competitive advantage, and other important initiatives to accelerate the use of scientific and technological standards into applications to enhance the quality and efficiency of development.


2) Guiding ideology for drafting of the Innovation Plan


- Fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of new ideas and strategies for governance and focus on co-ordinating the promoting the "five in one" overall layout and "four comprehensive factors" strategic layout,

- Firmly establish and implement the concepts of innovation, coordination, environmental friendliness, and shared development, and promote innovation-driven development strategies

- To keep technology standards development as the focus, and use institutional innovation and policy systems as the driving force to stimulate vigor in technical standard innovation

- Increase efforts to establish new technical standards system that effectively decommission backward standards to boost industrial upgrading and improve overall product quality.

- Increase synergy between scientific and technological innovation standards development and industrial development to accelerate the shift in economic drivers to these factors

- Increase efforts to establish a comprehensive technical standard and innovation system to create a new service industry through mass entrepreneurship and innovation.


3) Basic principles for drafting of the Innovation Plan


(A) To deepen reform and promote innovation-driven development

- Fully implement scientific and technological system reforms and standardization requirements

- Remove barriers to technological innovations through technical standards

- Scientific and technological innovation to play a leading role in the technical standards work in raising the overall level of technical standards.


(B) Central government to provide guidance for synergised development

- Central government to play a guiding role in the implementation of the technology standards strategy in establishing a strong high-level design

- Stimulate the vitality of market players through directing investment towards research and development of standards.


(C) Establish strong Chinese capabilities and adopt an international outlook

- Based on proposed major national strategic requirements for technical standards, to focus on standards development and technology applications

- Focus development efforts on particular strengths in international standards to promote the export of such standards to overseas markets


4) Development goals of the Innovation Plan


The following are the scientific and technological goals for the Innovation Plan:

- To develop more than 1000 national technology standards in general technology, public and industry domains;

- To develop more than 200 international standards, through promoting the conversion of more than 1000 Chinese standards as reference for use in foreign engineering construction or products manufacturing;

- To establish 50 national technology standards innovation areas;

- To establish 50 national technology standards inspection agencies

- To foster the formation of a number of important community standards;

- To nurture a batch of enterprises that lead industry development and innovation through innovative models

- To promote technical talent to involve in work on the development of technical standards, improving technical capabilities in standards for the industry workforce and nurture talent for technical standards that have an international outlook.


5) Key tasks of the Innovative Plan


The Innovation Plan put forward key tasks in five areas:

(A) Technology advancements to lead the development of technical standards.

- To further develop technical standards for new industries and technologies including those emerging from converging domains.

- To promote the upgrading of general, community and industry technology standards.

- Scientific and technological advancements to support the process of developing technical standards.


(B) Technical standards to promote the application of new technological advancements.

- To strengthen the development of technical standards for science and technology programs and services, developing an innovative technology standard service model.


(C) Cultivate Chinese international competitive advantage in technical standards.

- To improve contribution to international standards of technology, science and technology innovation in promoting the internationalisation of Chinese standards.


(D) Stimulate market innovation and vitality of technical standards body.

- To enhance the ability to create technical standards for enterprises, innovation and enhance the vitality of the technical standards for social organizations.


(E) Improve technical standards to promote innovation and collaboration mechanisms.

- To improve the interaction of technological innovation, patent protection and standardization support mechanisms,

- To improve the standard of military and civilian integration and development.


6) How to promote the implementation of the Innovation Plan?


(A) Strengthen organizational leadership and coordination, to allow mechanisms for technical standards to play to its full potential in promoting and strengthening coordination between standardisation management departments and the industry.


(B) Strengthen research and development that innovate new models and technical standards development path, and better utilise the strategic and guiding roles of technical standards to guide industrial upgrading and product quality improvements.


(C) Ensure comprehensiveness of mechanisms that promote the application of scientific and technological breakthroughs into technologies, and explore the establishment of a system for this purpose to accelerate the application of scientific and technological innovations.


(D) Strengthen the nurturing of talent to improve the technical standards innovation and their ability to support a wide range of scientific and technological innovation involved in the development of technical standards.


(E) Improve diversity of investment into technical standard innovation and encourage investment funds to jointly contribute to the development of technology standards.

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