[State Council Policy] Policy on Treating Domestic and Foreign Enterprises Equally

This article was originally posted in the Gongkong news center and is part of a new series aimed at raising awareness of China's Industry 4.0 Initiative.

Gongkong 2017/5/27 12:14:08

“Made in China 2025” Treating Domestic and Foreign Enterprises Equally

● Future focus: high-end, short plate and intelligence equipment

● C919 China masters core technologies on its own

Last week, the State Council executive meeting examined the report on the implementation status of “Made in China 2025” progress and adopted the arrangements on what to do next proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the morning of 24th of May, Office held a policy briefing and invited Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Guobin Xin, etc. to answer some questions that the reporters may have on the current situation.

"Next, we will start at high-end equipment, short-board equipment, and intelligence equipment, pay close attention to the key core technologies.” Overviewing "Made in China 2025", Guobin Xin puts forward three priorities: (1) continue to implement the "nuclear high base ", high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, large aircraft, “the two planes”, and other national major science and technology projects, implement three-year action plan to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, and start the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing robots and other major technological innovation projects; (2) initiate a major short-board equipment engineering, focus on supporting equipment e’+ngineering, industrial projects of innovation and development in key areas and traditional industries to upgrade urgently needed; third is to accelerate breakthrough sensor, industrial software, industrial control systems, solution providers, and other prominent short board constraints, to achieve engineering, industrial application of a number of intelligent equipment and systems.

A reporter asked:? "" Made in China 2025 "is applicable only to domestic-funded enterprises," Xin Guobin gives a negative answer: "" Made in China 2025 "all policy measures are generally applicable to domestic and foreign enterprises, for all businesses is non-discriminatory, there is no limit foreign investment approach. "

Xin Guobin said that implementation of the strategy more than two years, foreign investors participated in the high-end manufacturing, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and design and creativity, engineering consulting, logistics, inspection and testing and certification of specific projects, with good results. "Welcome foreign companies to actively participate in the construction of manufacturing power to China."

C919 core technologies are abroad." "We just built aircraft shell" in response to questioning about the outside world made large aircraft, Equipment Industry Secretary, Ministry of Li Dong likewise be denied: "The core technology is actually He rests in our own hands. "

Li Dong said that modern large passenger aircraft is a highly sophisticated, highly industrialized industries, globalization, internationalization and subsystems bidding has become international practice. Furthermore, C919 is in accordance with the - mode "main suppliers and manufacturers," the widely used current global aviation developed, aerodynamic design, structural design, system design requirements put forward by the China Commercial Aircraft Company, with completely independent intellectual property rights, China Comac is also the person in charge in the whole life cycle of the aircraft. "C919 project tackled integrated design, wire flight control system aircraft engine control law, active control of more than 100 technology and other core technologies. With the successful maiden flight of C919, to fly to China as the core, the Joint Aviation Industry, the National Radiation, and the world is more complete with independent intellectual property rights of independent innovation capability and industrial chain is taking shape. "(reporter Liu Zhiqiang)

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