Kalewa bluetooth smart lock

Bluetooth intelligent padlock/safety intelligent padlock is widely used in scenarios where a large number of keys are needed, mainly for the management of financial money boxes, the security inspection of outdoor equipment in the power system, various types of container doors, the management of oil tank vehicle pipe mouth, container door management and the security intelligent lock control management of warehouse. While satisfying the security and convenience, it has very strong extensibility. It can customize different lock control solutions according to the differences of application scenarios and requirements of various industries. It can fully support the information interaction between products. In addition, the lock body can be connected with the APP to facilitate the view of records and location tracking at any time.

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  • Asset Health Management (AHM)
    Asset Health Management refers to the process of analyzing the health of an asset as determined by operational requirements. The health of an asset in itself relates to the asset's utility, its need to be replaced, and its need for maintenance. It can be broken down into three key components: 1) Monitoring: Tracking the current operating status of the asset. 2) Diagnostic Analysis: Comparing real-time data to historical data in order to detect anomalies. 3) Prognostic Analysis: Identifying and prioritizing specific actions to maximize the remaining useful life of the asset based on analysis of real-time and historical data.
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