Launching @ CES Las Vegas 2019!!

An IoT OEM, Innowave is at the leading edge of innovation in smaller, smarter, & longer-lasting connected devices. With deep knowledge of embedded systems and mechanical design, we specialize in miniature RF design and in producing multi-technology wireless wearables that meet regulatory requirements.

In addition to the company's 5 granted patents (12 filed), the founders share over 60 US and international patents and more than 800 citations by companies such as TI, Analog Devices, Cypress, Marvell, Boeing and Samsung.

Having executed design works for a major LEO constellation company, we are familiar with the satellite system, design of satellite radio and satellite antennas.

IoT products require special expertise that most companies lack in-house, which explains why over 3 out of 4 companies report such projects as either failing or far exceeding budget and time constraints. Is your business one of them?

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Product & Design Highlights:

  • Anytime, Anywhere - LTE-M & Direct to Orbit (Satellite) Connectivity at Disruptively Low Cost
  • Patented Design Optimizations- Novel OS-less Architecture, Powered by Innowave's CASA™technology (Compact Autonomous Sensor Array) 
  • Developer Ready- Interoperable, Repurposeable with Power & Airtime Optimizing features included in SDK
  • White Label Solutions, Custom Designs


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