RS485 TTL RS232 to 4G wireless IoT gateway module IoT100 support MQTT Modbus

RS485 TTL RS232 to 4G wireless IoT gateway module IoT100 support MQTT Modbus  RS485 TTL RS232  4G MQTT Modbus  Wireless RS485 IoT Modules

The IoT100 series wireless RS485/232 Serial Port IoT module is low power consumption design,used to quickly and reliably connect the serial port output instruments and devices such as inverters, UPS, electricity meters, water meters, liquid level meters, PLCs, controllers to the cloud platform. Supports SMS,GPRS,3G, 4G Lte Cellular Networks. Compatible Modbus TCP Protocols and can intergrate to the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform and OPC, SCADA and MES systems to build an industrial IoT Solution.

Converts RS485/232/TTL to Wireless Transmission;

Supports SMS,GPRS,3G,4G Lte and NB-IoT; 

Ultra-Low Power Consumption designed, small size;

Compatible Modbus RTU to TCP Protocols;

Compatible the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform;

Provides PCBA or Waterproof enclosure. 



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