The SIMATIC IOT2000 is the reliable open platform for collecting, processing and transferring data in the production environment. It is ideally suited as gateway between the cloud or the company IT level and production. The role as an interface can be used in both directions. It also transfers analyzed data from the cloud to the production control. This continuous data communication closes the control loop for optimization of production. The openness of the system in supporting numerous communication protocols and programming in high languages enables customized solutions.
The use of machine and production data opens up many application options. The MindSphere Siemens Cloud for Industry offers industrial companies an open infrastructure based on SAP HANA and supports innovative digital services. SIMATIC IOT2000 can be the link between production and cloud-based data analysis in this case.

A specific example is the preventive maintenance of machines. It is based on early detection of imminent signs of wear based on the evaluation of relevant indicators. Costly downtimes of production plants can be effectively minimized in this way. SIMATIC IOT2000 collects, saves and communicates relevant data to cloud-based analysis tools and thus enables preventive maintenance concepts – including those for existing plants.

The implementation of individual customer requirements in production requires direct communication of the order data from the ERP system to production. This means customer-specific configuration or packaging requests can be automatically retrieved at the corresponding production locations. SIMATIC IOT2000 combines the tasks of interfacing to the ERP system and the corresponding communication of automation components. This accelerates the production process, minimizes errors and increases transparency of the order processing.

SIMATIC IOT2040 from the SIMATIC IOT2000 product series at a glance:

• Energy-saving Intel Quark processor and numerous interfaces: Intel Quark x1020 (+Secure Boot), 1 GB RAM, 2 Ethernet ports, 2 x RS232/485 interfaces, battery-backed RTC
• Yocto Linux Support
• Can be easily expanded with Arduino shields und miniPCIe cards
• Various options for programming in high-level languages
• Compact design and DIN rail mounting
• Proven SIMATIC quality offers great ruggedness, reliability and longevity

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