Wireless Mesh Routers

TropOS 1410 wireless mesh routers are used to build field area networks for automation applications.

They enable cost-effective and highly secure IP communications for utility, mining, oil and gas, and industrial applications that monitor and control field automation endpoints such as intelligent electrical devices, industrial process controllers and SCADA devices. Integrated firewalls and VPNs plus DNP3 over serial and Ethernet support provide enterprise-class security and future-ready operation to legacy automation devices installed in the field.
Upstream oil and gas, utilities, mining and process control, as well as other industries are increasingly using wireless communications networks to monitor and control thousands of automation devices in the field. These field area networks support a diverse set of applications including automated metering infrastructure and distribution automation for utilities; telemetry and mining management systems for mining; wellhead monitoring and logging for oil and gas; traffic signal management and video monitoring for transportation; process control for refining and chemicals; and SCADA for a variety of industries. In the past, utilities and other industrial companies have often used proprietary low-speed wireless communications systems with little security to implement their field area networks.
The TropOS 1410 provides an economical vehicle for utilities and other industrial companies to securely implement field automation communication. It delivers the most advanced set of standards-based security features available for field area networks including a built-in firewall and a built-in IPsec VPN in every unit. Each TropOS 1410 implements a multi-layer, multi-application security model that provides defense-in-depth and enables traffic from different applications and user groups to be segregated on separate virtual local area networks (VLANs).

Each VLAN has its own address space, quality of service policies and security policies including the ability to create one or more IPsec VPNs per VLAN. The TropOS 1410 employs RADIUS, 802.1x, and 802.11i authentication, AES encryption and HTTPS-based remote access to secure field area networks from unauthorized devices, users and snooping. In addition, the product family’s operating software provides the technical controls required to achieve NERC CIP v5 compliance.