Dell Technologies: Edge Gateway
The Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series takes IoT analytics to the edge of the network and in the process offers customers flexibility, connectivity and real-time intelligence from harsh environments and small spaces. What that means is that the Dell Gateway devices are constantly making decisions to determine which data is crucial and organizes them so that they can be processed in the most effective way possible. It is available in three models each tailored for use in different situations namely, automation, transport/logistics and digital signage/retail respectively. The Dell Edge Gateway 3000 series devices are engineered with with an industrial-grade form factor and solid-state drive, the Dell gateway can reliably run 24/7 with long life at extended temperatures. While designed for 24/7 use for many years, the new 3000 Series offers several features such as I/O targeting and single-application computing to reduce power usage. All models include a GPS, accelerometer and atmosphericpressure sensor for transportation and geo-referencedasset management and supports numerous connectivity protocols from Wi-Fi to cellular to Zigbee. The Dell edge gateways are also designed to be flexible and manageable. You can choose from Dell Edge Device Manager(EDM) or a third-party on-premise console such as MicrosoftSystem Center, backed by the Dell Command Client Suite forboth Linux and Windows.
Dell Technologies: Dell Wyse Thin Client
Dell Wyse Z90 is a high performance Windows Embedded Thin Client for the most demanding Virtual Desktop Environments.The Dell Wyse Z90 includes SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity in a thin client, enabling the newest peripherals and speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Z90 includes two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports (two up front), all under your control. With Z90, you have more display options than ever before: DisplayPort, DVI or VGA. Still have a few legacy devices?Z90 takes them in stride with optional parallel, PS/2 and dual serial port support. Dell Wyse Z90 is no slouch in networking either, with support for gigabit Ethernet, available integrated A/B/G/N dual band Wi-Fi, or FiberNIC.
Dell Technologies: General-purpose Disk Arrays
Experience the combined benefits of Dell Compellent architecture and a resilient Dell hardware design that offers improved performance and increased memory over previous generation Dell Compellent controllers.Dell Compellent SC8000 Controller helps extend the life of your storage investments with Compellent Storage Center solutions. Flexible, non-disruptive storage options including flash-optimized solutions that offer flash at the price of disk.
Dell Technologies: PowerVault Fibre Channel Storage Array
PowerVault MD3 Fibre Channel Storage Array Series are ideal for entry-level storage consolidation that requires high availability, high performance and business continuity without sacrificing ease of use and reliability.PowerVault MD3 Fibre Channel Storage Array Series feature the next generation of high-performance 16Gb Fibre Channel models, the MD3 arrays are designed for versatility, supporting a range of drive types, premium software features and a choice of 2U or high-density 4U model.
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