Eurotech: Embedded Single Board Computer
The SBC-GX533 is a low profile, fan-less, RoHS compliant 5.25" form factor board, based on the AMD Geode GX 533@1.1W processor. It is an ideal solution for fan-less embedded controllers which require PC compatibility with full solid-state operation.The SBC-GX533 is targeted at applications which require the benefits and compatibility of a standard PC along with low power, embedded, fan-less system design. The integrated 2D graphics accelerator makes the SBC-GX533 ideal for human-machine interface panels, such as kiosks and information terminals
Eurotech: Single Board Computer
VIPER is a low power PC/104 compatible single board computer based on Marvell XScale PXA255 processor. VIPER includes a set of integrated peripherals: flat panel graphics controller, DMA controller, interrupt controller, real time clock and multiple serial ports. It takes advantage of the power saving modes of the PXA255 processor and other onboard peripherals and this allow to achieve a typical power consumption which is only about 2W.
Eurotech: PC/104 Single Board Computer
The ISIS XL is a PC/104-Plus CPU board with an Intel Atom Z5xx processor up to 1.3GHz.The ISIS XL module consists of a PC/104-Plus carrier board coupled with the Catalyst XL module and delivers the same rich feature set of the ISIS board in an extended temperature range. Requiring only 7-8W (typical), the ISIS XL delivers an unprecedented combination of features, performance, low power consumption, ruggedness and compatibility. Remakable built-in features include an iTrax300 20-channel GPS receiver which provides full position/velocity/time functionality and an integrated security module system from Atmel that is TCG v1.2 compatible.
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