Eurotech: Multi Service IoT Gateways
The ReliaGATE 20-11 is a ready-to-deploy industrial grade smart device that enables communications, computation power, simplified application deployment and M2M platform integration for fast creation of M2M services.The ReliaGATE 20-11 provides a flexible communication architecture that includes a 2G/3G cellular, WiFi, 802.15.4/Zigbee and GPS interfaces. It offers connectivity to a wide range of sensors and edge devices and makes it easy to deliver the data to business applications.The ReliaGATE 20-11 also includes interfaces for wired connectivity such as Gigabit Ethernet, up to two serial ports and two USB ports. The ReliaGATE 20-11 is simple to manage and delivers out-of-thebox connectivity and intuitive configuration of the routing parameters thanks to a web GUI and over-the-air options. The ReliaGATE 20-11 is compatible with Eurotech’s Everyware™ Device Cloud (EDC), the end-to-end solution to bring data from the field into the business applications, through a flexible and scalable infrastructure and a number of cloud-based services.
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