ABB: IRB 6640 - High Production Capacity Robot
A strong robot in the Power Robot family.IRB 6640 remains the perfect robot for various applications focusing on high production capacity. Still available is our two Foundry Prime variants with a payload of up to 235 kg, the IRB 6640 is especially suited for harsh washing and cleaning applications.
ABB: IRB 760 - High Speed, Full Layer Palletizing Robot
It comes in several variants, up to 630 kg handling capacities. The IRB 7600 is ideal for weighty applications, regardless of industry. Characteristics such as high available torque and inertia capability, rigid design and powerful acceleration have earned this market leader its “Power Robot” title.Reliable – High production up timeSecurity - A safe investmentFast – Short cycle timesAccurate – Consistent parts qualityStrong – Maximized utilizationRobust – Harsh production environmentVersatile – Flexible integration and production
ABB: IRB 2600ID - Slim Wrist Machine Tending, Material Handling and Arc Welding Robot
The IRB 2600ID industrial robot delivers higher output from a smaller footprint in Arc Welding, Materials Handling & Machine Tending applications.Thanks to the Integrated Dressing (ID) technology and the larger working envelope, cycle times can be reduce by up to 15% and cost of ownership reduced by 75%. There are two versions available: 15kg with 1.85m reach and 8kg with 2.0m reach. With the IRB 2600ID cycle times are significantly reduced and reliability increased. With all cables and hoses firmly secured, movements are easily predicted making off-line programming and simulations perfect representations of the actual robot system. Programming is faster and more reliable. And with less swing of cables, the robot can run at maximum achievable acceleration at all times.Lifetime of hoses and cables increases significantly. Being secured and protected, they swing less during operation, and are less exposed to weld spatter or cutting fluids,With its compact design and without loose hoses and cables, the IRB 2600ID has a very small footprint allowing for productive, high-density installations with 50% more robots, and up to 50% higher output from a production cell. With a slim wrist and integrated dressing IRB 2600ID can easily access narrow openings and perform complex movements. For example, in arc welding this means that the IRB 2600ID can do circular welds without interruption and without compromising quality – and in a much shorter cycle time.
ABB: IRB 6620LX - 6-Axis Robot
An industrial robot on a linear gantry.ABB's IRB 6620LX combines the advantages of both a linear axis and a 5 axis robot, resulting in a 6-axis robot with a 150 kg payload capacity, large scalable work envelope and the inherent flexibility of ABB's proven articulated arm robots.It is designed with high performance and reliability in mind resulting in increased productivity and high utilization.
ABB: IRB 260 - Packing Robot
The IRB 260 is designed and optimized primarily for packing applications. It is built to meet your reach and payload requirements whilst being small enough to fit into compact packing machines. Combined with ABB motion control and tracking performance, the robot is ideal in flexible packing systems. Reliable – High production up timeThe IRB 260 is based upon the world’s most popular industrial robot, IRB 2400, with an installed base >14.000 units.Fast – Short cycle timesDesign optimized for packing in combination with ABB unique motion control ensures short packing cycle times.Accurate – Consistent parts qualityThe robot has best in class accuracy and superior ABB conveyor tracking performance resulting in excellent pick and place accuracy, both when working with fixed positions as well as on the fly.Strong – Maximized utilizationThe robot is optimized for packing application and combines compactness and high speed with a 30 kg payload capacity.Robust – Harsh production environmentDurable in tough environments - IP67.Versatile – Flexible integration and productionLow on weight and height, the robot easily fits into compact packing machines. With a work envelope optimized for packing applications, the robot becomes the natural choice for robot automation. The robot comes fully equipped with integrated air and signals all the way to the gripper. Combined with the ABB packaging SW, PickMaster™, the robot is not only easy to integrate from a mechanical point of view but also extremely simple to program.
ABB: IRB 6660 - Robot For Pre Machining
ABB has been developing robot-based press automation solutions for nearly two decades.Its latest solution, the IRB 6660FX, is a rapid and flexible transfer system for medium size parts. Identical in design to ABB’s large part transfer system, the IRB 7600FX, the IRB 6660FX is a perfect complement to ABB’s parts transfer offering.Suitable for both new and existing press lines, a dual action unit has been integrated into the IRB 6660 to create a 7-axis robot, which allows medium size parts to be transferred rapidly along a linear path. As a result, vibrations created when parts are rotated 180° by a conventional 6-axis robot are eliminated. The system is also equipped with integrated dynamic model control to coordinate all seven axes to ensure optimum speed, accuracy and lifetime.
ABB: IRB 6660 - Robot for Press Tending
The IRB 6660 for pre machining is the first robot on the market that is dedicated to pre-machining applications in the Foundry industry. This new robot is designed for high-performance applications where robot stability is a key factor for success. Optimised for finishing and pre-machining applicationsBased on reqiurements from machining operations.For applications such as finishing, milling, grinding, cutting & sawing.High productivityImprove material removal rate.Shorter cycle time.High accuracyStiff, compact & robust design to withstand high process forces.Parallel arm structure gives stiffness
ABB: IRB 910SC SCARA - Small Parts Assembly, Material Handling and Parts Inspection Robot
In designing its Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA), or IRB 910SC, ABB has delivered a single arm robot capable of operating in a confined footprint. ABB’s SCARA is ideal for the Small Parts Assembly, Material Handling and parts inspection. A Clean Room ISO-5 option is under developmentIP54 protectionTable top mountableEase of integrationCustom interfacesModular design
ABB: IRB 4600 - Wide Range Industrial Robot
IRB 4600 sets new standards for industrial robots. Sharpest path accuracy and motion control on the marketAcquire high and consistent quality in your production.Ultra wide working rangeSemi-shelf capability. Up to 1.73 cm vertical reach down.Short cycle timesUp to 20-25 % shorter cycle time than its precursors.Flexible mounting possibilitiesCan be mounted in various ways, on the floor, semi-shelf, tilted or even hanging.Great protectionAll versions of the IRB 4600 fully support the IP 67 standard and can stand harsh environments, such as in foundry and cleaning.
ABB: Material Handling, Machine Tending and Process Applications Robots
Performance is often a tradeoff, optimizing for speed or accuracy. With ABB’s IRB 1600, you do not have to choose. The robot’s cycle times are shorter, sometimes half that of other robots’, allowing you to increase throughput. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the work piece quality that only an ABB robot can offer. Key Features and benefits:Double your throughputThe IRB 1600 has up to 50% shorter cycle times than competing robots in Material Handling, Machine Tending and process applications.No more cutting cornersAt high speed, most robots will cut corners. With the IRB 1600, the path will be the same regardless of speed, thanks to the robot’s unique combination of brains and muscles.Outstanding reliabilityThe IRB 1600 offers outstanding reliability, even in the toughest environments and the most demanding 24/7 duty cycles.Easy to integrateMounting is fully flexible: on a shelf, on the wall, tilted or inverted. You can even fit the IRB 1600 inside a machine.Sustainable and healthyLow friction spur gears, and no unnecessary moves due to QuickMove and TrueMove, bring power consumption down to 0.58 kW at max speed, and even lower at low speeds.
ABB: IRB 1410 - Arc Welding Robot
IRB 1410 is a well-proven and cost-efficient robot with a stroke and reach sufficient for most arc welding applications. It is based on IRB 1400, available in more than 14,000 units world-wide. IRB 1410 is only delivered in the function package IRB 1410 ArcPack.Reliable - Stiff and robust designThe IRB 1410 design translates into low noise levels, long service intervals and long economic life.Accurate - Consistent parts qualitySuperior levels of control and path-following accuracy (+ 0.05 mm) provide excellent work quality.Strong - Maximized utilizationThe robot has a large working area and long reach (max 1.44 m). The handling capacity is 5kg plus an unique 18kg supplementary load on the upper arm for process equipment.Fast - Short cycle timesThe robust design together with the fast and accurate IRC5 controller enables short cycle times.Arc welder - Adapted for arc weldingIntegrated wire feed cabling and mounting holes for fast and optimized assembly of process equipment on the arm. Easy-to-use arc welding functions with IRC5 and unique patented single point of programming/operation with the FlexPendant.
ABB: IRB 360 FlexPicker - Picking and Packing Applications Robot
For nearly 15 years, ABB’s IRB 360 FlexPicker has been the leader in state-of-the-art high speed robotic picking and packing technology. Compared to conventional hard automation, the IRB 360 offers much greater flexibility in a compact footprint while maintaining accuracy and high payloads.With the introduction of the IRB 360-6, the latest robot to be added to the IRB 360 family, ABB has delivered a FlexPicker with a reach of 1600 mm and a mid-range payload of 6 kg. The sacrifice of a small amount of payload versus the 8 kg FlexPicker has resulted in a long reach for applications in which conveyors must be far apart or other environmental factors require long distances between pick and place movements.The IRB 360 family now includes variants with payloads of 1 kg, 3 kg, 6 kg and 8 kg and reaches of 800 mm, 1130 mm and 1600 mm—meaning there is an IRB 360 for almost every need. Featuring outstanding motion control, short cycle times, and precision accuracy, an IRB 360 can operate at very high speeds in anything from narrow to wide spaces with very tight tolerances. Every FlexPicker also benefits from a re-engineered tool flange which can accommodate larger grippers, allowing for efficient handling of flow wrapped products at high speeds from an indexing belt.
ABB: IRB 460 - High Speed Robotic Palletizer
Leading ABB’s new palletizing offering is the compact, 110 kg capacity, IRB 460 - the fastest palletizing robot in the world. Capable of up to 2,190 cycles per hour, this 4-axis robot is perfect for high-speed end-of-line palletizing and bag palletizing. The IRB 460 has a reach of 2.4 meters, occupies 20 percent less floor space and runs 15% faster than its nearest rivals. NEW: Also available is the PalletPack 460 Function Package. This is a set of pre-engineered products configured for end-of-line palletizing that greatly improves ease of use for integrators. It is available for either high-speed bag palletizing or compact end-of-line case palletizing and consists of IRB 460 palletizing robot, IRC5 controller, Flex-Gripper (either the Claw or one-zone Clamp gripper), dressing kit, ABB PLC, Jokab Safety PLC, software, user documentation and FlexPendant with tailored graphical HMI.
ABB: IRB 1660ID - Arc Welding and Machine Tending Robot
The IRB1660ID is designed for a variety of applications requiring fast, repeatable and highly accurate point-to-point or path movements. It is ideally suited for customers requiring unrestricted accessibility to gain maximum productivity in their high-robot-density arc welding solutions and for machine tending applications in confined spaces.
ABB: IRB 1520ID - High Precision Arc Welding Robot
ABB's IRB 1520ID is a high precision arc welder, with integrated process dressing that combines 24/7 production output with 50% lower cost of maintenance to deliver the lowest cost per weld in its class.The IRB 1520ID can be up and running in hours and will boost your productivity with cost-efficient and highly reliable production. ​Thanks to the integrated dressing, the hose package on the upper arm and the welding cablings at the base are totally integrated into the robot. This means that all the media necessary for arc welding, including power, welding wire, shielding gas and pressurized air, is routed for maximized performance and energy efficiency.With the IRB 1520ID you get stable welding, high path accuracy, short cycle times and long lifetime of the hose package and cablings. Thanks to the integrated dressing, welding around cylindrical objects can be carried out without any stops and hard to reach weld seams are more easily accessed.
Intel: Modem Chip
Intel: RF Transceiver
Intel: RF/Wireless Development Boards and Kits
Development Boards/Kits - x86 Edison Board for Arduino
Intel: 802.11 Wireless LAN
WiFi/802.11 Modules Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260, 2x2 AC + BT, HMC
Advantech B+B SmartWorx: Antenna
Antenna Screw
Sirqul, Inc: Edysen Smart Mesh Devices
Advantech B+B SmartWorx: Bluetooth
Advantech B+B SmartWorx: Embedded System Development Boards and Kits
Development board for RISC RTX2.0 Module
Advantech B+B SmartWorx: 802.15.4 LR-WPAN
802.15.4 LR-WPAN
Advantech B+B SmartWorx: System on Modules - SOM
System on Modules - SOM
ABB: ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System
The ABB Ability™ system comprises a broad range of about 180 digital solutions all rolled into one that helps customers optimize their assets. These solutions can be employed in numerous fields including distribution grid management, wireless communications, transformer intelligence The ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System is a cloud-based energy management, remote supervision and diagnostics platform that allows users to monitor, optimize and control their electrical systems remotely via smart phone, tablet or computer. ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System has a cloud-based platform that processes data from the site’s electrical equipment to deliver analysis and make recommendations to optimize the performance of the electrical system. It enables the remote monitoring of plants, their energy consumption and costs at a glance to make it easier and faster to implement energy management strategies. It also provides access on a multi-site level - monitoring and comparing the performances of different facilities at the same time. In addition, it allows profiling of the users’ experience according to the level of access they require.According to customer needs and application, the user can choose between two configurations to connect the system to ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System: embedded or external.
ABB: Broadband Mesh Routers
The TropOS 7320 outdoor mesh router is a full-feature wireless networking platform that delivers high performance in outdoor environments.Architected to provide maximum flexibility and configurability, the router delivers significant performance increases through support for a next-generation high-sensitivity radio design and the incorporation of patented features of the industry-leading TropOS Mesh OS.A high-capacity solution capable of simultaneous support for multiple network applications, the TropOS 7320 router is designed to meet the demanding needs of upstream oil and gas, utilities, mining and industrial control systems. The platform provides a reliable communications foundation for deploying multiple, concurrent mission critical applications. The TropOS 7320 can either serve as a gateway interface for capacity injection into the network or as a node to extend or reinforce network connectivity. Designed for creating or expanding higher-capacity networks, the TropOS 7320 router is a dual-band unit with one 2.4 GHz and one 5 GHz radio that supports meshing and client connectivity at both frequencies. The platform provides superior performance and resiliency, and enables the network to be scaled to the highest-capacity configurations through deployment of additional TropOS routers. The high-capacity unit has two Ethernet ports that can be used to inject capacity into the network and attach client devices such as video cameras or AMI collectors. The Ethernet ports can power devices via Power over Ethernet (PoE).
Honeywell: OneWireless Field Device Access Point
Honeywell ?OneWireless Field Device Access Point (FDAP) is an industrial meshing access point for ISA100 Wireless (IEC 62734) field instruments and rated for use in hazardous plant environments.It uses Honeywell’s intelligent wireless algorithms combination to extend the wireless coverage of field instruments by a factor of 1.5, thereby minimizing the infrastructure required.
Honeywell: OneWireless Wireless Device Manager
Honeywell OneWireless™ Wireless Device Manager (WDM) manages the ISA100 Wireless™ (IEC 62734) field device network and field instrumentation such as Honeywell’s OneWireless XYR™ 6000 transmitters and OneWireless Field Device Access Points, Cisco® Aironet® 1552S Access Points, HART devices, and third-party field devices.Users can add and commission ISA100 Wireless field instruments in less than two minutes without having to do any data mapping or non-value-added engineering due to features such as Experion® CDA and Honeywell Enraf interface, over-the-air firmware upgrades and provisioning, and an intuitive Web-based user interface. ​
MOXA: Smart Ethernet I/O Solutions
Moxa’s ioLogik E2200 is a new type of Ethernet micro RTU controller, which is a PC-based data acquisition and control device that uses proactive, event-based reporting to control I/O devices. Unlike traditional RTUs, which are passive and must poll for data, Moxa’s ioLogik E2200 series with Active OPC Server makes seamless connection with SCADA systems a reality. In addition, SNMP is used for communicating with an NMS (Network Management System) for IT field users. The I/O status of an Ethernet micro RTU controller can be reported and controlled automatically on-site based on user specified conditions. This report-by-exception approach, which is new to PC-based monitoring, requires far less bandwidth than traditional polling methods.
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