Terasic Technologies: Programmable Logic Development Boards and Kits
EP4SGX230C2/EP4SGX530C2 FPGA Development Board 50MHz/100MHz CPU I2C EEPROM/Flash
Dallas Logic Corporation: Programmable Logic Development Boards and Kits
EP4CE115 FPGA Development Board 25MHz CPU 1024MB RAM 64MB ASMI Flash/Serial Flash
PLDA: Programmable Logic Development Boards and Kits
EP4SGX230KF40C2N FPGA Development Board 40MHz/100MHz/125MHz/156.25MHz/200MHz/400MHz CPU 2.035GB RAM 64MB Flash
ReFLEX CES: Programmable Logic Development Boards and Kits
ARRIA 10 FPGA Development Kit 800MHz CPU 4GB RAM
King Pigeon Communication Co.,Limited: Remote 3 phase power outage monitor alarm unit
King Pigeon RTU5029S Remote Power Monitor Alarm.Support Modbus RTU Over TCP and Modbus TCP to connect to cloud platform/Phone app,then monitor the current status in real time through GSM/3G/4G network.RTU5029S Monitor Alarm unit can be used for temperature,humidity,DC voltage,3 phase power status,single phase power status monitoring and phase loss power outage alarm, suitable for classrooms, public places, hospitals, stations, chicken farm,Food warehouses, offices, factories, libraries, laboratories, etc., and any place that requires monitoring.Contact :kp06@iot-solution.com  gsmalarmcontrol@VIP.163.COMwww.iot-solution.com  skype: rtualarmsystemTel: +86-755 29451836Mobile:+86 13570810254
: RF Transceiver
RF Transceiver
: RF/Wireless Development Boards and Kits
: RF/Wireless Development Boards and Kits
iW- SM2144SMT-OB 802.11 Wireless LAN Instant Internet Evaluation Board
King Pigeon Communication Co.,Limited: RS485 TTL RS232 to 4G wireless IoT gateway module IoT100 support MQTT Modbus
RS485 TTL RS232 to 4G wireless IoT gateway module IoT100 support MQTT Modbus  RS485 TTL RS232  4G MQTT Modbus  Wireless RS485 IoT ModulesThe IoT100 series wireless RS485/232 Serial Port IoT module is low power consumption design,used to quickly and reliably connect the serial port output instruments and devices such as inverters, UPS, electricity meters, water meters, liquid level meters, PLCs, controllers to the cloud platform. Supports SMS,GPRS,3G, 4G Lte Cellular Networks. Compatible Modbus TCP Protocols and can intergrate to the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform and OPC, SCADA and MES systems to build an industrial IoT Solution.Converts RS485/232/TTL to Wireless Transmission;Supports SMS,GPRS,3G,4G Lte and NB-IoT; Ultra-Low Power Consumption designed, small size;Compatible Modbus RTU to TCP Protocols;Compatible the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform;Provides PCBA or Waterproof enclosure. Contact :kp06@iot-solution.comwww.iot-solution.com  skype:rtualarmsystemTel: +86-755 29451836Mobile:+86 135 7081 0254
Waterfall Security Solutions LTD: Secure Bypass
The Waterfall Secure Bypass can be deployed in parallel with unidirectional solutions to enable full interactive remote access in emergencies. The secure bypass equipment can never be activated remotely by any network attack, however sophisticated the attack.Secure Bypass is deployed on offshore platforms for example, which must be evacuated during hurricanes and must be operated by remote control from on-shore stations for the duration of such emergencies.The bypass is activated by a button or a physical key, and the module automatically disconnects again after a configurable interval. The Secure Bypass module augments Unidirectional Gateway solutions for emergency operations.
Arnowa: Smart Meters and Sensors
Arnowa Hardware comprises of advanced smart devices for data acquisition from any device for any purpose.Our mantra is “You want it measured; we provide the how-to”.We provide many types of sensors that measure anything from temperature, humidity to pressure to air and water quality. We provide meters that measure electricity (and many associated parameters), water, gas or any other measurable commodity as required. We also have special counters that can be used to monitor countable commodities like waste levels, people counting, vehicle traffic counting or parking management information.
Arnowa: Smart Meters and Sensors
 Arnowa Hardware comprises of advanced smart devices for data acquisition from any device for any purpose.Our mantra is “You want it measured; we provide the how-to”.We provide many types of sensors that measure anything from temperature, humidity to pressure to air and water quality. We provide meters that measure electricity (and many associated parameters), water, gas or any other measurable commodity as required. We also have special counters that can be used to monitor countable commodities like waste levels, people counting, vehicle traffic counting or parking management information.
Waterfall Security Solutions LTD: Unidirectional CloudConnect
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) promises revolutionary improvements in the efficiencies of industrial operations, manufacturing platforms, transportation systems, utilities and others. However, these benefits require the massive deployment of connected devices that gather and communicate data, thereby increasing cyber-security attack surfaces dramatically, and opening paths for attackers to enter industrial networks. Just by connecting to the cloud, without the addition of the devices and sensors related to the IIOT, increases the vulnerabilities open to cyber attacks on industrial sites from the cloud.Another challenge to overcome prior to widespread adoption of IIOT is the multitude of different protocols and applications used by industrial systems versus the typical “cloud-friendly” IT systems.To overcome both challenges, Waterfall offers the Unidirectional CloudConnect, an innovative solution based on Waterfall’s market-leading Unidirectional Gateway technology.The CloudConnect solution utilizes unidirectional security technology to enable safe and reliable IT/OT integration. Providing hardware-enforced protection, the technology allows data to flow out of industrial networks, without any possibility of attacks getting inside, and replicating data collected from the industrial devices and systems to the outside.Many sites, one cloud interfaceWaterfall’s CloudConnect uses Unidirectional Gateway technology to gather data from industrial sources such as historians, industrial control systems, OPC servers, and industrial devices. CloudConnect converts that data into a unified cloud-friendly format, such as XML files, relational databases, publish/subscribe protocols, or SOAP web services. CloudConnect transmits the unified data securely out of the site and into the industrial cloud. CloudConnect’s foundational Unidirectional Gateway technologies ensure seamless connectivity with both industrial and cloud systems and provide absolute protection from network threats that are fundamental to Internet-exposed networks and systems.Waterfall has developed the support of its Unidirectional CloudConnect™ for GE Predix The Industrial Internet Platform, enabling customers to securely connect their industrial sites with cloud services. In addition, Waterfall’s Unidirectional CloudConnect provides real-time translation of industrial systems, formats, and protocols to GE Predix platform’s systems and formats. Once translated, CloudConnect publishes the cloud-friendly data to industrial cloud providers using the Predix software development kit (SDK).BenefitsIIOT benefits without the risk of cyber attacks on industrial sitesInteroperability between industrial and cloud-based systemsGathers data from industrial sources of various protocolsTransform a wide variety of industrial data into unified, cloud-friendly formats
Waterfall Security Solutions LTD: Unidirectional Security Gateway
Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways replace firewalls in industrial network environments, providing absolute protection to control systems and operations networks from attacks originating on external networks. Unidirectional Gateway solutions come in pairs: the TX appliance contains a laser, and the RX appliance contains an optical receiver. The Gateway pair can transmit information out of an operations network, but is incapable of propagating any virus, DOS attack, human error or any information at all back into the protected network.Waterfall agent software gathers data in real time from operations servers inside the protected network. The software transmits that data to the external network, and populates replica servers with the data.Waterfall provides out of the box replication capabilities for dozens of industrial applications, including process historians, process databases, control system servers, OPC servers, and low-level devices.Replication solutions are also available for file servers, mail servers, print servers, SIEM servers and other components essential to the integration of modern operations networks with business networks.The server-replication process is transparent to external users, and has no effect on the original operations servers. External users access and use the replica servers in the same way they accessed and used the original operations servers, without changing working procedures.Waterfall’s customers report substantial savings over conventional firewalls. Gateways reduce firewall configuration, auditing, training, and real-time monitoring / logging costs. In addition, customers in regulated industries report dramatic reductions in regulatory documentation costs associated with firewalls and the use of routable protocols.
Waterfall Security Solutions LTD: Unidirectional Security Gateway DIN Rail
In the face of increased and complex cyberattacks, more and more industrial and critical infrastructure sites are turning to unidirectional gateway technology to prevent remote cyberattacks from entering their control systems. However, many physical environments require a smaller form factor than the rack-mounted Unidirectional Security Gateway. To meet this need, we developed the compact Unidirectional Security Gateway DIN Rail.The DIN Rail version of Waterfall’s market-leading Unidirectional Security Gateway enables customers throughout all sectors to deploy unidirectional gateway technologies in any of their network locations that require a compact form factor. Without compromise, the Unidirectional Gateway DIN Rail maintains the highest level of cyber security available for protecting industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure facilities from remote online attacks.Same benefits, smaller packageThe Waterfall DIN Rail offers the same high throughput, connectivity and functionality as our full-body, rack-mounted version. The availability of a smaller form factor enables electrical, oil and gas, manufacturing and other industries to easily deploy the gold standard of cyber protection for space-constrained sites. In addition, industrial enterprises connecting to cloud platforms or employing many small sites will benefit from using Waterfall’s Unidirectional CloudConnect® in this compact form factor. With no loss of performance or ease of use, industrial cybersecurity has never been so comfortable and secure.Robust hardware with a twistThe Waterfall DIN Rail is based on combined TX and RX Modules. The software runs from two computers, dedicated or shared, one on each side of the gateway. All of Waterfall’s multitude of software connectors, in addition to its advanced features and functionalities, are supported.Highlighted features:- Same ultimate level of cybersecurity as our market-leading- Unidirectional Security Gateway- Compact, vertical DIN Rail mounted- Same throughput and software connectivity as the Unidirectional- Security Gateway- Designed for specific environmental requirements (e.g. substations)
Viezo: Vibration energy harvester, Viezo EH-1
Tiny, yet powerful enough piezoelectric energy harvester, converting ambient vibrations into useful electrical energy. Increase longevity, reliability of your wireless IoT, and keep it batteryless.  Dimensions 81x55x18 mmOutput Voltage DC: 1.8V - 3.6V; AC: unregulatedOperating Temperature -30°C … +60°CIP IP66Frequency range 20 - 100 HzAcceleration 0,1g … 2gLifespan >10 yearsPiezo material PVDFEnergy storage Supercap 0,47F; 5V AWX 
Waterfall Security Solutions LTD: Waterfall Blackbox
Upon discovery of a cyberattack, forensic experts look inside the compromised network’s various logs to locate and analyze tracks left by the attacker. Logs are the baseline information required for quality incident response and forensics. They consist of tracks and hints of the attack and the attacker. However, once inside your network, after attackers got into a position of control, they know how to remove or alter incriminating information in all log repositories. Covering up the tracks is “basic hygiene” of a cyber-attack. This is true for local, centralized or cloud-based log repository systems.To keep log repositories more secure than the attacked network, Waterfall developed the BlackBox to maintain the integrity of log repositories. It was developed with response teams, forensics and other audit professionals in mind, to maintain trust in logged information. Patented and based on Waterfall’s innovative and patented unidirectional security technology, the Waterfall BlackBox secures logs “behind” a unidirectional gateway, ensuring that logs are physically kept trustworthy and out-of-reach of cyber attackers. With the BlackBox, there is a physical barrier between the network and the logged data so that the data sent to the BlackBox is stored physically “outside” the network, inaccessible and untouchable to anyone looking to cover their tracks.Inside the BlackBox is a high-speed, high-capacity logging and analysis system, which can be used for revealing attackers’ tracks, detection of attempted changes, manipulation and abnormal activities. In time of need, data can be retrieved and inspected securely by physical access to the BlackBox appliance.
: 802.11 Wireless LAN
Module 802.11b/g/n 2.484GHz 3000Kbps 30-Pin
: 802.11 Wireless LAN
XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 RS-232 Adapter (3-6V)
Eridanis: 802.11 Wireless LAN
Module 802.11b/g 2.5GHz 48-Pin QFN EP Tray
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