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IoT M2M Council (IMC)

IoT M2M Council (IMC)
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The IMC brings a new approach – it will increase deployments of IoT/M2M solutions by proving the business case of the technology to those that would adopter it. It will stand for connectivity as its own global industry, and will not see IoT/M2M technology through the narrow lens of technical standards or a single vertical industry. The IMC will support industry efforts to increase deployment volumes by offering members services that connect Solutions Providers with Adopters of IoT/M2M technology and meeting their evolving needs.
The IMC is comprised of companies providing solutions from all parts of the global Iot/M2M ecosystem as Sustaining Members. The organisation has brought together large-scale connectivity providers like AT&T and Deutsche Telekom, but also more dedicated network operators such as long-time industry players Aeris Communications and Kore Telematics. It includes systems integrators like Digi, but also equipment manufacturers like Telit, and chipware maker giants like Intel.

The IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade organisation in the IoT/M2M sector, with over 18,000 OEMs, enterprise users, and apps developers as members, and an average of 300 new members joining weekly.

Key objectives include:

- Awareness: promote powerful use-cases for IoT/M2M technology in industries like automotive, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, public infrastructure, retail, and more – making the benefits of connectivity highly visible to Adopters.

- Research: learn more about the demographics and needs of Adopters that deploy connectivity – in functions as diverse as operations, IT, and product design – and in doing so, how best to address those needs.

- Thought Leadership: provide platforms for IMC Sustaining Members to set the group agenda, communicate that agenda to a broad audience, create better channel relationships, and rightfully claim a position of industry leadership.

- Policy: communicate consensus views about important issues, such as privacy and security in the IoT/M2M sector, with governments and other industry groups as those views pertain to regulations and standards.
Alexander Bufalino, Chief Marketing Officer– Telit Wireless Solutions/ Chairman Emeritus
Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications
M. Mobeen Khan, Executive Director, M2M Solutions, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T
Landon Garner, Chief Marketing Officer, Ingenu
David Wigglesworth, Vice President of Data Services – The Internet of Everywhere (IoT & M2M) at Inmarsat
Rose Schooler, VP, IoT Solutions Group, GM, Strategy and Technology Office (STO), Intel
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