Demo Space
Dennek has been providing best IT Services in Delaware since 1998, we are offering Managed IT services, Cloud Computing Services, Cyber-Security, VoIP, Digital Marketing and other IT Support | Helpdesk Services like Health Care IT Services, Legal IT Services and more
DFJ Growth
DG Incubation
Digital Media City
DMC will be the first place in the world where state-of-the art digital technologies coexist with the natural environment. An independent broadband optical communications network is built here, with wireless and satellite telecommunications services available to form the world's best broadband telecommunications system. At DMC, visitors can access the Internet for free.DMC will be a lab of for the 21st-century city innovation.
dominKnow | ONE lets you easily create multiple types of formal and informal content to performance support and microlearning.
DreamT will focus on but not be limited to the sectors of cloud services, wearables and internet of things (IoT), consumption services and online travel
DSG Consumer Partners
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA)
We want to make spectrum abundant. One way to do this is through dynamic access that makes the best use of the spectrum. This will:Connect people, particularly the next 4 billion under-served people throughout the worldStimulate wireless innovation for next-generation broadbandAccelerate an inclusive digital economy
East Ventures
Eclipse IoT
IoT needs open source to be successful. Eclipse IoT simplifies IoT development by providing open source implementations of the standards, services and frameworks that enable an Open Internet of Things.
EdgeX Foundry
EdgeX FoundryTM is a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation building a common open framework for IoT edge computing. At the heart of the project is an interoperability framework hosted within a full hardware- and OS-agnostic reference software platform to enable an ecosystem of plug-and-play components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates the deployment of IoT solutions.EdgeX is an important enabler for interested parties to freely collaborate on open and interoperable IoT solutions built using existing connectivity standards combined with their own proprietary innovations.
E-Factory Alliance
E-Factory is the Mitsubishi Electric solution for improving the performance of any manufacturing enterprise, providing three key benefits: Reduced total cost of ownership, Maximized productivity, and Seamless integration.
ENO8 is a Dallas-based tech studio that helps companies to design and develop innovative digital products. Focused on helping companies to realize real business impact from new technology initiatives, ENO8 brings an experienced team combined with its proprietary innovation process which helps clients to move faster and reduce the risk of bringing new products to life. Businesses count on ENO8 for its excellence in the areas of innovation labs, mobile app development, web application development, AI integration, and voice user interfaces.
Enterprise Singapore
EPCglobal is a GS1 initiative to innovate and develop industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and allow global visibility of items (EPCIS) in today's fast-moving, information rich, trading networks.
Ericsson IoT Accelerator
Ericsson is complementing its industry-leading telecom networks with one single end to end IoT Stack based on IoT Accelerator. Incorporating a constantly growing set of functionality, Ericsson IoT Accelerator leverages the scale, speed and lower cost of a cloud based solution to address use-cases and applications for Enterprises and Telecom Operators.
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
We produce globally applicable standards for Information & Communications Technologies including fixed, mobile, radio, broadcast, internet, aeronautical and other areas.
We emphasize on the principle of "three highs and one low", which means high customer satisfaction, high salaries for employees, high profit, but low cost. Our mission is "let investors share the growth of the world's largest companies".
EV Growth
Fast Track Asia
Firstime Venture Capital
Founders Space
Founders Space brings together founders, angels, VCs, advisors and innovators to help startups rock the world. They’re building a global network of founders and advisors who help one another succeed.
Applied research is the foundation of our organization. We partner with companies to transform original ideas into innovations that benefit society and strengthen both the German and the European economy. Fraunhofer is the international leader of applied research. As an innovation driver, we lead strategic initiatives to master future challenges and thus achieve technological breakthroughs.
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a leader in research, development and innovation. The CEA mission statement has two main objectives: To become the leading technological research organization in Europe and to ensure that the nuclear deterrent remains effective in the future.
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