Global Leading Hydro Power Manufacturer
Lack of transparency across the production, maintenance, and warehouse management. Current paper based workflows are disabling the data-driven strategic decision making"
  • Gain transparency across the whole process to create data-driven production, maintenance process, and warehouse management.
  • Reduce paper-based workflows and corresponding costs.
  • Earn client's trust through digitalization and transparency.
loT ONE partnered with experts and worked closely with key project stakeholders across departments to gather pain points, evaluate potential solutions and define the factory roadmap.
  • End user interviews & site visits
  • Pain point & use case analysis
  • RFI, RFQ& business case development
  • Roadmap & pilot project proposals
  • 40+ stakeholders' interviews and 8 site visits; Identified 80+ process pain points.
  • Roadmap covering 21 use cases with a detailed timeline.
  • 10 project proposals planned for deployment within 18 months, with solution specifications, and detailed business cases.
  • 3 projects passed SteerCo approval for immediate implementation.

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