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An IoT solutions provider with a complete stack of technology from an online management portal to an application enablement platform.

Aeris' industry-leading M2M / IoT services, including:

- Being "carrier agnostic"–Providing you with the strongest signal available, regardless of carrier.
- Your one-stop shop for all cellular technologies, including GSM and CDMA for 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.
- The best service record in the industry–No matter the size of your program, Aeris guarantees the fastest troubleshooting response times and the most comprehensive consultation program.
- The suite of products you need to implement, manage, troubleshoot and scale your M2M / IoT solution.

  • Aeris
    Aeris is a cellular network designed and built exclusively for machines. Because it was made for machines, Aeris delivers the most reliable, flexible and efficient global cellular network for M2M data transmission available today. From telematics to medical devices to remote machines, Aeris’ customers enjoy solutions tuned for high performance and mission-critical reliability.
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