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Ambrosus - Supply Chain system software prototype development. We have used Tendermint and React together with Raspberry Pi and MQTT networking protocol to build a prototype of the Supply Chain system tightly coupled with various physical IoT (Internet-of-Things) sensors and secured by Tendermint blockchain protocol. Also, an alternative solution with Hyperledger Sawtooth has been proposed.

We have started from a small prototype where we created a browser front end on React and a backend on Go. This backend has been collecting information transmitted via low energy Bluetooth transmitters formed as a meshed network from various sensors located in cargo containers. Every supply chain project should have a chain of transactions and sensor values are exactly this transactions in Ambrosus. At first place, we have tried Hyperledger Fabric as a well-known solution for supply chain projects. We also tried Sawtooth from the same Hyperledger family. The drawback of these technologies is the requirement to use IBM cloud infrastructure. In a standalone version, both work not so well as expected. Also, there is a huge time lag during the node sync process on every block when the number of nodes rises to 10+. To resolve these two issues we decide to get rid of Hyperledger and switched to Tendermint. Tendermint is a Byzantine-Fault Tolerance blockchain and acts as a state machine replication system. It’s a way faster than Hyperledger and finally, Tendermint fitted our expectations. All data transmitted via MQTT transport protocol have successfully reached blockchain backend, low power Bluetooth also works pretty well for Raspberry nodes. When cargo ship reaching a destination point, receiving party can easily connect to the blockchain and receive all collected information from sensors.

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    Gambit Stream is a software development company established in Oct 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine. Our specializations are Betting and Gambling High-Load systems with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies integration.We are proud of developing edge technological custom solutions and components that meet our client’s needs. We also create our own high-performance components that are used for solving common tasks and help to save our client’s time and budget. Having the best engineers and mathematicians in different areas on board, our teams provide all development services in one place. Design, Planning a software Architecture, Business Analysis and business models development, including database and local stores cache queries optimization, building user interfaces using all our knowledge in ergonomics and user experience, building high-load, blazingly fast eGaming and eSports applications and APIs to support mobile solutions and reactive web browser front end, quality assurance and support staff in one company.Our teams are made up of the brightest and most dedicated Elixir and Erlang, Scala, Blockchain, Solidity, web, and mobile - iOS, Fuchsia, Flutter and Android - developers, designers, project managers, mathematicians and quality assurance specialists. Our development efforts resulted in more than 12 mobile and web solutions – Lotto, Casino apps, Betting services, Sports aggregators, and many other entertainment games and applications.
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