Asset Intelligence Network

SAP’s Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) is a secure cloud-based information exchange for equipment manufacturers, operators and maintenance providers in asset-intensive industries

Built on SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform, AIN (now generally available) will receive quarterly updates of new functionality based in part on early adopters’ feedback on future use cases

SAP is working to tighten integration between AIN and its Predictive Maintenance and Service monitoring and analytics software.

What AIN aims to provide is a single and central secure-cloud repository where OEMs, equipment operators and those firms which maintain that equipment can input or access all the latest information about the equipment they manufacture, use or service regardless of that content’s format.

Using AIN, a manufacturer could make available all the content about each of its products, including manuals and maintenance recommendations. An equipment operator could then readily access any of that data as well as contribute updates on the particular configurations it’s using (via data from SAP ERP and Enterprise Asset Management) as well as real-time information from the equipment itself (through data from smart sensors attached to the equipment—think Internet of Things).

  • Network Management Platform
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  • Functional Capabilities

    SAP Asset Intelligence Network interconnects asset manufacturers, operators, and service providers. It facilitates the exchange of asset performance feedback, analytics output, and best practices for deployment strategies and maintenance procedures.

    The network will be the single register of the world’s assets, providing unique IDs and associated metadata in a global taxonomy. It will supply the foundation for collaborative asset management and customer service processes.

    SAP Asset Intelligence Network offers native integration with various SAP solutions, including SAP S/4HANA. It facilitates smooth data exchange among enterprise and plant systems, as well as all stakeholders in the network.

    SAP will provide applications that perform multiple functions in SAP Asset Intelligence Network. They will help customers share advanced analytics and collaborate on processes for equipment management and maintenance execution.

    Technical Capabilities

    Cloud-based deployment
    Get up and running quickly and cost-effectively in the SAP Cloud.

    In-memory technology
    Harness state-of-the-art in-memory computing technology with SAP HANA.

    Integration with SAP solutions
    Natively integrate with enterprise solutions such as SAP S/4HANA.

    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Connect your high-value equipment and machines to the network.

    Intuitive UX
    Enjoy a unified, intuitive user experience with the SAP Fiori UI.
  • Electronics & Embedded Devices
  • Maintenance
    Production - Manufacturing
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    Predictive Maintenance
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