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AugmentedPro makes your industrial operations easier with high-end augmented reality software adapted to your maintenance, production and inspection tasks. AugmentedPro is an augmented reality software suite that includes a Creator component for the authoring of your procedures and a Player component for the execution of your procedures: use AugmentedPro Creator to create your own procedures easily, and AugmentedPro Player to play them on the operational ground.

Augmented reality software solutions have already proven to reduce the execution time of industrial procedures by more than 50% in various cases and to reduce human errors. With AugmentedPro, move forward to the deployment of a professional augmented reality software adapted to your industry with the ability to create and maintain your own procedures.

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    Robocortex is an innovative high technology company based in Sophia Antipolis, France. We are committed to deliver products and services of superior quality and value to our customers. Our strengths are understanding of the needs of our customers and global innovation leader role. Robocortex is a spin-out company of Inria, the French national institute for computer science and automatics.
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