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Fusion Connect is an Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service to easily connect, analyze, and manage remote products. It virtualizes your physical things, links them with reporting devices and through analytics unlocks the data trapped inside to generate real-world product performance data. You can use this data to improve future designs, predict when products might fail and perform maintenance, create new service revenue and product upgrade opportunities, and optimize field supply chain and material replenishment costs.

The platform provides solution templates allowing you to learn the visual programming tools quickly and edit your way to unique solutions. And it works from a huge library of existing protocol/vendor device adapters to ensure your solutions are future-proof. Combined with wireless connections from major global data networks, light ERP modules, and business management tools you’ll have everything needed to start and extend your IoT journey. It runs in our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure as a white-label subscription service to you.

Interconnect & Scale with Ease
Fusion Connect is an open cloud-native platform that operates with any device, other clouds, backend systems, mobile applications and people to deliver revolutionary, interconnected IoT services. And in designing new IoT service offerings, you need to consider scalability from day one. With new markets and evolving customer requirements, an IoT solution’s growth pattern is usually unknown. Fusion Connect customers have managed up to 500,000 assets and 100,000 device messages per second in their solutions.

Virtualize Products & Things
Traditional IoT platforms are device-centric and provide raw data collection and simple rule frameworks. Fusion Connect takes the opposite approach by first transforming your physical products into virtual, software-based models with integrated analytics. Then, you attach as many mixed devices and sensors to those products as needed. In this way you rapidly unlock true product insight. All this happens in a single, easy no-coding IoT cloud service.

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