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Biz4Intellia is a breakthrough cloud-based Mobile & IoT software platform (PaaS) that enables an end-to-end ecosystem of connected devices/sensors to help customers develop innovative solutions quickly and in a very cost-effective manner. Biz4Intellia can transform a business concept to an IoT driven solution in a matter of days. With its scalar and modular architecture and a flexible SaaS-based pricing model, Biz4Intellia evens out the IoT playing field for entrants, small, and big players.

Product Features of Biz4Intellia

End-To-End IoT Solution

Most Comprehensive and complete IoT solution for end-to-end management of device, application, connectivity support & security.

Pre-Configured Vertical Business Domain Solution 

Provide gateways, network, comprehensive software and support services for an end-to-end IoT solution.

Fast Time To Market

First iteration of the Solution in 5 business days with reports for up to 10 devices. Efficient packaging & configuration management.

Modular, Flexible, Scalable & Standardized

Leverage maximum flexibility , scalability and security with our modular architecture, repeatable processes, and skilled resources.

Gradual Capability Build-Up

All projects and engagements contribute to the target goal and supporting strategies, even if somewhat off-topic.

Learning And Automated Data Pattern Recognition

Built-in domain specific learning and automated data pattern recognition systems that are tailored to meet individual business needs.

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    Biz4Intellia is among the pioneer providers of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Biz4Intellia is a well-integrated combination of IoT devices, an IoT platform suite, and configurable business services. It has been rated as one of the Top 50 IoT Companies by CIOReview. Biz4Intellia has been facilitating early IoT adoption to many businesses in multiple industries for last six years.
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