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The BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse extends the Eclipse development framework to enable Java developers to create BlackBerry applications and MIDlets for BlackBerry devices.
The BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse adds functionality and features to the Eclipse IDE that can help simplify Java application development for BlackBerry devices while giving you access to standard Eclipse tools, such as code assist.

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    BlackBerry provides wireless hardware, software, and services worldwide. Its smartphones handle mobile voice, e-mail, and text messaging, as well as Internet access and multimedia applications. The company also provides software for managing mobile devices across a company and development tools
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  • Track and Trace for Industrial Tools & Assets
    Track and trace for industrial tools refer to systems capable of recognizing and reporting the location and status of tools in a facility. Today's production of industrial and consumer goods requires exacting work. Precise application of pressure or torque is required in many industries and operator errors can cause costly defects. Track and trace technology can improve production safety, quality, and productivity.The goal of ‘Track and Trace’ is to manage handheld power tools in manufacturing and maintenance environments more efficiently.Asset tracking is currently done via barcode and a variety of manual steps in most cases. However, new solutions leveraging smart tags, near-field communication (NFC), and RFID are coming to market to globally track all varieties of objects in real time. 
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