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BusinessMan has been created to provide a custom-fit solution that can be specifically tailored to meet each business’s unique needs. As a web-based system, BusinessMan can be accessed on any device, and is not specific to a certain type of hardware. This gives buyers flexibility, and ensures that BusinessMan can be used on PCs, Macs, and more.
BusinessMan contains a variety of applications within the system, including Assemblies, Audit Trails, Financials, Marketing, and more. Assemblies can be easily created from a database of inventory items, and can be labeled to represent a new, assembled product. The CRM module features an easy way to track quotes, orders, invoices, as well as important documents and contact information. This way, all important customer information is kept in a single space, making it easy to have any necessary documents available whenever they’re needed.

BusinessMan also features a way to customize notifications, allowing staff to receive an alert for a variety of triggers via email, text, Notifo and more. This way, management can be notified when inventory is running low. The invoicing module allows for an easy way to view invoices, as well as attach invoices as a PDF to emails. Invoice templates make it easy to create custom invoices with a professional appearance.

We like that BusinessMan integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and Sage Accounts, so that Accounting and ERP information can be exchanged without any extra steps. We recommend BusinessMan to midsize companies in a variety of markets, including Distribution, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Utilities, and more.

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