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The CloudOne Platform for the Internet of Things brings together critical tools and elements into a global, secure, virtual private cloud environment with managed services, flexible licensing management and global device messaging.
On the IOT Systems side of the platform, data and messages collected from mobile applications and devices in use flows into analytics engines in real time, while sophisticated statistical and exploratory models help you make sense of what is happening. This insight establishes new requirements in the continuous engineering systems development lifecycle, which includes modeling, collaborative team sharing, testing and build automation. These improved software builds flow to the production line, where sensors, maintenance and asset management information mesh with service records and analysis to improve quality, yields and reduce cost. Once the new devices and apps are in the hands of customers, the data flows again, powering the next generation of the continuous improvement cycle.

At the same time, continuous agile delivery, sometimes called “DevOps”, is the new normal in the development of IT Systems that support these mobile and IoT devices. Driven by market demand and competitive pressures, the old release cycles have been compressed into a never ending, but ever improving software build and deploy cycle. This starts with collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) of the software development process through to continuous DevOps testing and build automation and deployment, to deployment and system performance monitoring and healing of those critical support servers.

The interconnection of these systems enables constant mobile and IoT device improvements, but also ensures that the IT systems that support and feed those systems stay in sync and up-to-speed. That’s why it’s critical to bring all these elements together into one, common, secure, managed infrastructure, so you can focus on improving your organization capability while knowing your development and production teams are keeping up.

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    ClearObject is an IoT Systems Innovator, helping the world’s best companies connect their bold ideas to the Internet of Things. We bring our years of experience, our team of experts and our coalition of leading partners together to make your IoT solutions a reality.At ClearObject, we imagine a world powered by connected technologies and we make it a reality. Connected trucking fleets that enable more effective transportation, secure hosting environments that facilitate testing of advanced medical devices, efficient alternative energy sources and improved communication between devices and their creators.
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