GroveStreams Platform

The GroveStreams Platform has an open API which allows you to send millions of streams of unique data directly to our cloud-based system

Each device can send streams at a fixed interval, at random intervals, or as a point stream of a fixed value
Data streams can be sent at up to 10 second intervals with up to 10 individual data points (1 second data resolution)
Data can come from sensors, meters, RSS feeds, computer programs, and can be in a wide variety of text and numeric formats

Store up to 94,000,000 data points per stream in a secure, reliable, big-data cloud network. 

That's three years of 1 second resolution data
Data is replicated for redundancy across servers in our secure server warehouse
Data can be downloaded for additional back-up or off-line analysis

The GroveStreams Platform gives you the most advanced toolset for analyzing your data

Defined roll-up sets and calendars give near real-time performance
Complex analytical equations performed as data enters
Create Derived Streams from your Data Streams
Up to 140 Statistic Streams provided for each Actual and Derived Stream

The GroveStreams Platform provides a fully customizable Dashboard with customizable charts, graphs, and gauges available for your use

Almost every visual aspect of the charts can be customized to reflect your industry, company, or brand
Drill-down capability into every single data point, both actual and derived
Use the open API to create your own visual style or dashboard to fit your business needs or to integrate with existing Business Intelligence or other systems

Create additional value by sharing the data across your enterprise

Dashboards can be shared
Specific elements can be shared as embedded widgets in websites or emails
Layouts can be created and shared as templates for your customers
Specific data sets can be downloaded for external use and analysis

Notification tools alert you to take action when predefined or user-defined events occur

Notification by Text, email, HTTP calls, and GroveStream platform messages
Predefined actions can be programmed based on each alert received
Actions can be manual or automatic updates to control or configure settings on the device
Act on the analysis to solve your most complex problems
Use the data to improve customer satisifaction and retention
Improve product performance by tracking performance degradation and  maintenance histories

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