PINpoint Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

PINpoint is a market leading manufacturing execution system (MES) or manufacturing operations management (MOM) software suite designed for large automotive, heavy machinery, electronics, agricultural, power sports and aircraft manufacturers. PINpoint is a web based 'configurable' plant floor management solution that is ready for rapid implementation right out-of-the-box. PINpoint Information Systems has always been an innovator in MES system solutions. MES is not just the primary focus at PINpoint… it’s the only focus. Working with OEM customers like Caterpillar, Navistar, Perkins and most recently Hyundai have confirmed PINpoint’s position as a continuous improvement leader in the manufacturing industry. PINpoint Andon and MES system solutions have also played a major role at Lear, JCI, CalsonicKansei, AWTEC, Magna, Automodular, Arvin Meritor, Benteler and Hamilton Sundstrand on projects that supplied content to World leading manufacturers including Nissan, Boeing, Toyota, GM, Ford and Chrysler. With nearly twenty (20) years of dedicated focus on quality control and manufacturing execution systems, PINpoint has proven to be an innovative leader in the category. This proven track record has eclipsed the boundaries of the United States as PINpoint has successfully implemented projects in Canada, Mexico, China, and India; and with expansion continuing into South America, Europe and Asia. Not unlike continuous improvement in manufacturing, PINpoint continues an ongoing effort to improve and advance its’ software products and services. These innovations over the years and the latest product breakthroughs have solidified PINpoint’s manufacturing execution system as an Industry standard. PINpoint is the go-to manufacturing optimization tool for any sized manufacturer seeking to increase operational efficiencies and deliver a positive return on investment in-turn.

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    January 01, 1997
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    June 01, 2018
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  • As a comprehensive manufacturing execution system, PINpoint distinguishes itself in the market as the only MES system that both "controls" and "monitors" assembly line processes right out-of-the-box. PINpoint is designed for discrete manufacturing, either full-process controlled lines (full control and monitoring) or non-process controlled assembly lines (monitoring, tracking and reporting only). PINpoint is the most comprehensive plant floor management system in the world today featuring the industry's most proven manufacturing execution system (MES) / manufacturing operations management (MOM) solutions. It has been developed since 1997, and now used every day in multiple languages by leading manufacturers around the World. PINpoint provides manufacturers the ideal entrance into MES / MOM system technology with an easily configurable system that can: • Create Work Orders, or import them seamlessly from your ERP • Schedule Production, set TAKT time, Goals Planned Average (GPA), monitor and report on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) • Manage Plant Floor Documentation, operator skills management, work instruction management, quality alert management • Verify Production, interface with line workers, confirm qualifications, progress, catch defects as they happen; and control devices, e.g. lock out a tool if multiple errors occur and send an alert • Track Products or serial numbers in real-time, right down to their physical location on the assembly line • Manage ANDON communications and track and monitor production; display easy to understand information on large screens with text, graphics and video; and send critical alerts to email/text • OPTIMIZE with provided Production Analytics Manufacturing Intelligence PINpoint is super flexible, configuration can be done on the fly; and it is also scalable so it can be expanded on as your manufacturing operations grow (long-term solution). PINpoint is compatible with Windows operating systems, and features phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users get one free version upgrade for the software every year. PINpoint is priced as a perpetual license fee and as a monthly subscription based on the size of business. It is available worldwide. Clients include Caterpillar, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, Toyota, Lear, and Polaris, among others.

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