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Pivotal Big Data Suite provides a broad foundation for modern data architectures. It can be deployed on-premise and in public clouds, and contains all the elements for batch and streaming analytics architectures.
Pivotal GemFire - Open source, scale out, in-memory application and transactional data grid for demanding, high throughput and low latency workloads. Based on Apache Geode (incubating), GemFire represents a decade of development and deployment in demanding environments such as financial trading and risk, transportation and price optimization at web scale.

Pivotal Greenplum - Data warehouse system with a scale out architecture, ANSI-compliant SQL, and comprehensive set of features to meet your data warehousing and analytics needs.

Pivotal HDB - Open source analytical database for Apache Hadoop that brings the highest ANSI-compliant SQL natively to Hadoop. Representing our commercial offering of Apache HAWQ(incubating), Pivotal HDB can remove obstacles to broad adoption of Hadoop within your business.

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    Pivotal’s cloud native platform drives software innovation for many of the world’s most admired brands. With millions of developers in communities around the world, Pivotal technology touches billions of users every day. After shaping the software development culture of Silicon Valley's most valuable companies for over a decade, today Pivotal leads a global technology movement transforming how the world builds software.
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